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Ways you can pay with BCU

Ways to pay

Whether you’re transferring money to an account within Australia or overseas, shopping in store or online, or using BPAY to pay your latest bill – we’ve got you covered with multiple ways to make different payments.

Card payments

Make contactless payments your way, online or in store.

Online payments

Transfer money within Australia, internationally, and pay your bills online.

And more...

Find a way to pay that suits you with the range of options we offer.

  • Make payments with your card

Visa Debit card

Our BCU Visa Debit card is designed for your everyday banking needs and gives you simple and secure access to your money – wherever Visa is accepted in the world. With your card linked to your access account, you can withdraw money from an ATM, make payments in store or online, or simply tap and go with Visa payWave. You can also pay with your smartphone or device using Apple Pay, Google Pay™ and Samsung Pay.

Visa Credit card

Whether you want just the basics or the option to be rewarded for your purchases, you can choose the credit card that suits you best. Access your funds wherever Visa is accepted in the world – in store, online, using Visa payWave, or with Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay. You’ll also have extra peace of mind knowing that your card is protected against fraudulent transactions by Visa’s Zero Liability Policy and Verified by Visa.

Digital wallets

Start making contactless payments securely and on the go with your mobile phone using Apple PayGoogle Pay or Samsung Pay. Add your BCU Visa Debit or Credit card to your digital wallet on your smartphone or device and you’ll be on your way to making payments quickly, easily, and securely from the devices you use every day.

Find out more about digital wallets.

Instant digital cards

Open a new access account online, transfer some money to the account, and you’ll be purchasing using your instant digital card before you know it. Access your Visa Debit card details securely for online purchases, or add your card to your digital wallet to make in store purchases using Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay.

If your card is lost or stolen, you can continue to use it almost seamlessly with an instant digital card. Report it as lost or stolen through the BCU Bank app or BCU iBank, order a new card and add it to your digital wallet, and you’ll be able to transact as usual while you wait for your physical card to arrive.

Visa payWave

Save time when shopping in store with Visa payWave. It's easy – simply tap your card at any contactless terminal for purchases under $200, or tap your card and enter your PIN for purchases over $200.

Temporary increase to tap and go limits

To help reduce the need to make physical contact with terminals when shopping, the limit for contactless tap and go™ payments across Australia has temporarily increased from $100 to $200. The increased limits apply for Visa payWave payments made using your Visa Debit or Credit card, smartphone, or other smart device.

The new $200 limit has been progressively introduced at certain retailers since April 2020.

Your BCU cards automatically have the higher limit applied, however if the increased limit is not available at the retailer, you may continue to be prompted to enter your PIN for purchases over $100. Please always follow the PIN pad prompts to allow your transaction to go through smoothly.

For the security of your funds, the $1,000 daily card purchase/withdrawal limit will still be in place, as will the limit of 10 tap and go transactions per day.

  • Make payments online

Online transfers

Online transfers allow you to transfer money from your account to another person’s account, using either their BSB, account number, and account name, or their PayID (which is most commonly their mobile number or email address). Transfers processed using a BSB and account number can take up to three business days to be received. However, if a payment is processed via Osko between participating financial institutions, the funds will be received in under a minute!

Online transfers can be done via the BCU Bank app or BCU iBank, from anywhere that you have secure internet access.

Osko and PayID

As a BCU member you can securely send and receive money in near real time between participating banks using the BCU Bank app or BCU iBank. Osko by BPAY lets you send and receive payments in under a minute, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It also allows you to send a 280-character message (which can include emojis!) with your payment, making it easy for everyone to see what the money is for.

If you're sending funds to a participating bank, Osko will ensure your money reaches the destination in near real time. If you're sending funds to a bank not using the New Payments Platform (NPP), your payment will be processed as normal, which may take up to three working days.

You can also set up a PayID to make receiving payments even easier. Gone are the days of having to remember your BSB and account number – just use your phone number or email address instead! Setting up your PayID with BCU is easy, and once you’ve done it, your friends and family can use it to send you funds almost instantly.

Find out more about Osko and PayID.

BPAY payments

BPAY® is an easy and secure way to manage and pay your bills through BCU iBank or the BCU Bank app. BPAY is offered by over 60,000 businesses, which means you can pay bills such as your utility bills (think phone, internet, electricity or gas), your insurance premiums, or even your rent!

You can choose which account to pay bills from and you'll have the choice to make the payment on the spot, schedule it for a date that works for you, or set up scheduled recurring payments. So long as you have funds available in your nominated account on the scheduled date, the BPAY payment will process.

International payments

You can transfer money to an overseas bank account using an international telegraphic transfer. A telegraphic transfer is an electronic transfer of funds for credit to the recipient's overseas bank account. It's a fast and safe way to send money overseas and you can choose from a wide range of currencies. You can make an overseas transfer at any of our branches, or by logging into Internet Banking or our Mobile App.

  • Other ways to pay

Direct debits

A direct debit is an automatic payment that’s set up using your BSB and account number for your transaction or savings account. Direct debits allow for a merchant or service provider to debit an agreed amount from your account into a merchant or service provider’s account at set times, as per the terms and conditions of the direct debit service agreement. They’re commonly used to pay for recurring bills and services, such as your monthly phone bill or your gym membership.

To cancel a direct debit with BCU, you will need to contact us on 1300 228 228 or visit one of our branches and advise us of the direct debit that you wish to cancel.

Recurring payments

A regular payment set up from your debit or credit card to a merchant or service provider is called a recurring payment. To set up a recurring payment, you will need to supply the merchant or service provider with your card details and arrange a direct debit authority. This will allow for your debit or credit card to be charged as agreed.

To cancel a recurring payment on your debit or credit card, you will need to contact the merchant or service provider directly.


PayTo is a new way to manage your payments – think direct debits but better. Make one-off or recurring payments for things like subscriptions or memberships using only your PayID or account details. You can even manage them yourself through Internet Banking.

At BCU we understand not everyone always has access to the latest digital banking options. That's why we also offer more traditional options like Phone Banking and Bank@Post on selected accounts.

Frequently asked questions

Please read our information on how to dispute a transaction and contact us with any queries about the transaction first.

If your card has been compromised or you suspect fraudulent activity, you can temporarily lock or list your card as stolen via BCU iBank or the BCU Bank app. Alternatively, you can contact our fraud department on 1800 648 027.

If you want to proceed with a card transaction dispute, please contact us on 1300 228 228, via Secure Mail, or visit our branches and provide the details of the transaction. We will complete a card transaction dispute form on your behalf to lodge your dispute.

To cancel a direct debit with BCU, you will need to contact us on 1300 228 228 or visit one of our branches and advise us of the direct debit that you wish to cancel.

We will take action to cancel a direct debit linked to your account within one business day if you ask us to do so and there is no fee to assist you with the cancellation.

We won’t ask you to cancel the direct debit directly with the merchant or service provider, however we may suggest that you also contact them to let them know that the direct debit has been cancelled.

If you wish to cancel a single direct debit agreement from a merchant where multiple arrangements exist, we recommend you also contact the merchant directly to discuss this. A request to cancel an agreement will block all future direct debit agreements from this merchant.

To cancel a recurring payment on your debit or credit card, you will need to contact the merchant or service provider directly.

If you have a recurring payment set up and your debit or credit card is due to expire, it's your responsibility to tell the merchant or service provider.