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Smarter banking, digitally

Digital banking

BCU offers simple and secure options to manage your accounts and payments. You can use your smartphone, tablet, or computer to bank in a way that suits you.

Digital banking for 24/7 access

BCU iBank

Best accessed on your computer, BCU iBank is a secure way to access all your online banking needs.

BCU Bank app

All the mobile banking basics at your fingertips, so you can bank on the go.


Digital wallets

Use your smartphone to make cashless, secure payments using Apple Pay, Google Pay™ or Samsung Pay.

Faster payments with Osko

Transfer money to other accounts in under a minute using your mobile phone number or email address.

We offer a range of easy options to help you transact and manage your accounts. You'll be spoilt for choice!

  • BCU iBank

Our internet banking platform, BCU iBank, is a simple and secure way to manage your everyday banking. Best accessed on a laptop or desktop computer, you can get a full overview of your finances or dig deeper into the details. You can:

  • check your account balance,
  • transfer money (between your accounts, to someone else, or even overseas),
  • view your transaction history or eStatements, and
  • so much more.

Register online when you open your account with BCU, or you can contact us on 1300 228 228 or visit a branch.

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  • BCU Bank app

With all the banking basics at your fingertips, our BCU Bank app makes your day-to-day banking quick, easy, and secure. Log in easily using biometrics to pay someone, transfer money, manage your cards using card controls, or even open an account.

You must be registered for Internet Banking to use the BCU Bank app. To register, please call us on 1300 228 228 or visit a branch.

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  • Digital wallets

No wallet? No worries! You can use your compatible smartphone or watch to make secure, cashless payments with a mobile payment service (Apple PayGoogle Pay or Samsung Pay), no matter where you are.


  • Instant digital cards

Open a new transaction account online with BCU and access your digital card instantly. You can start shopping online with the details right away, or add your instant digital card to Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay to use it in store.

If your card is lost or stolen, you can continue to access your account almost seamlessly with an instant digital card. It's as simple as:

  1. Cancel your card using the BCU Bank app or BCU iBank.
  2. Reorder a new instant digital card.
  3. Add it to your digital wallet.

You can then continue using your digital card as normal while you wait for your physical card to arrive.


  • Faster payments and PayID

The days of waiting up to three days for money to land in your bank account are over. Using PayID, you can use a mobile number, email address, or ABN to pay someone instead of a BSB and account number. Funds are sent and received in under a minute between participating banks. So, paying your friends back for dinner is now quicker and easier than ever!

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  • PayTo

PayTo is a new way to manage your payments – think direct debits but better. Make one-off or recurring payments using only your PayID or account details. You can even manage them yourself through Internet Banking.

Learn more about PayTo


  • eStatements

Get an online version of your physical account statements with eStatements. You can access them through BCU iBank or the BCU Bank app at any time. Choosing to receive your statements online means you will no longer receive paper statements in the mail. One small step for your old filing system, one huge step for the environment!

You can sign up for eStatements by logging into BCU iBank.

Frequently asked questions

Digital banking refers to regular banking services and transactions that can be actioned using a digital platform. The term is commonly used to describe online banking and mobile banking apps.

Digital banking is a general term referring to banking services that are processed using digital technology, including mobile apps. Online banking, also known as internet banking, is a form of digital banking conducted over the internet via your bank’s website.

A digital bank account is a type of everyday transaction or savings account that can be accessed online (or digitally). Digital bank accounts can be accessed through a mobile banking app or online banking, and card access, if applicable, can also be added to your digital wallet. You can use a digital bank account like any other regular account to transfer, spend, or save money.

The main benefits of digital banking are convenience, security, and efficiency. Digital wallets are secured using two-factor authentication and passcodes or biometrics, while also being compatible with payment platforms such as Google Pay™, Samsung Pay and Apple Pay. Additionally, digital banking is available 24/7, which means accessing your bank accounts and performing day to day banking is quick and simple.