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bcu Alerts offer an avenue for our customers to receive up to date information about transactions and events relating to their product/s via email, SMS or iBank.

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bcu Alerts are offered on certain bcu products – please refer to the Product and Access Facility Terms and Conditions.  Registration for bcu Alerts can be done online, through iBank, or by contacting bcu on 1300 228 228 or visiting your nearest bcu store. Once registered for bcu Alerts, the type/s of alerts required can be selected. bcu currently offers the following Alerts:

  1. Product balance outside a nominated range
  2. A deposit outside of your nominated range
  3. A withdrawal outside of your nominated range
  4. Balance alert
  5. Notice of maturing investment
  6. Notification of an atm/eftpos withdrawal
  7. Notification of a personal cheque withdrawal
  8. Notification of a direct credit
  9. Notification of a direct debit

A bcu Alert will be sent as soon as reasonably practicable after the event that triggers the alert (e.g. deposit made in to an account) with the exception of ‘Balance alerts’ which will be sent at approximately 8pm.

bcu Alerts can be changed or cancelled online through iBank, or by contacting bcu on 1300 228 228 or visiting your nearest bcu store.

You are responsible for ensuring your contact details are correct and current to ensure you continue to receive selected bcu Alerts. Should your details change and you are registered for iBank, you may update your details online or alternatively contact bcu on 1300 228 228 or visit your nearest bcu store.

Remember bcu Alerts will often contain personal information so you should ensure access to your electronic address or equipment is securely restricted.

bcu is not liable for any fees, charges or expenses imposed by any service provider you may use to receive bcu Alerts.