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There’s a lot to think about when looking to buy a new home. It’s a huge milestone and can often be daunting when you don’t know where to begin. Before you start scrolling online for open home listings, spend some time planning how you will save your house deposit.

To help get you started, we’ve pulled together five deposit-saving tips.

1. Work out how much you need

Your first task is to find out how much you need to save for a house deposit. While this will usually be about 10 - 20 per cent of the total property value, factors such as your credit score, government programs, income and whether you will require a guarantor could influence your borrowing power.

You can use our home loan borrowing power calculator to help get you started, before you seek professional advice to get an idea of your borrowing power and how much you can afford.

2. Find out about the government grants on offer

If you’re a first home buyer and looking to get into your new home sooner, you could be eligible for one of the government grants on offer.

The Federal Government is currently offering the First Home Loan Deposit Scheme and New Home Guarantee. Each includes specific eligibility criteria, so check them out to see if one could be right for you. 

The First Home Owner Grant is another great initiative that can be used to buy or build a new home. The New South Wales and Queensland Government’s both have website’s you can access for more information.

3. Take note of your spending habits

As you shift your focus to saving, you’ll need to make sure your spending habits are in check.

By sacrificing (some) spending for saving, you will be surprised at the extra funds you will accrue over time. Even things like buying a coffee, going out for dinner and purchasing unnecessary snacks can add up to hundreds of dollars throughout the month.

Small changes can make a big difference in the long run and will mean you’re able to get into your new home sooner.

4. Create a budget

By setting realistic goals, you’ll be well-placed to reach your house deposit savings target. Make sure you put a budget and take the time to regularly check in so you can keep yourself accountable.

Our budget planner calculator can help you put your budget together.

5. It’s time to save

Now it’s time to knuckle down and save. Contributing to your savings also gives lenders greater confidence when assessing your capacity to repay a loan.

If buying a house is on the horizon for you, start by speaking to a member of the bcu team or enquire online.

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