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bcu’s response to COVID-19 virus situation

bcu continues to closely monitor the COVID-19 virus situation carefully to identify and deploy all possible precautionary measures for the wellbeing of our staff, members, organisation and communities.

View our relief package for the the most up to date information and options we have in place to help members who are experiencing financial difficulty due to Covid-19.


We continue to provide information to our staff, are reviewing our internal and external policies, operations and working arrangements and are taking precautions in relation to our premises on behalf of our people and members/visitors.

The following precautionary temporary measures have been taken for our staff:

Our Staff

  • Automatic 14 day self-isolation from the workplace of any staff member returning from international travel.
  • All work related air travel is now restricted as is attendance at conferences.
  • Self declaration requirements apply for any international personal travel or those presenting with any COVID-19 related symptoms or for those who have been in contact with a medically positive diagnosis.
  • Additional cleaning of our frontline premises.

All staff have been reminded of appropriate hygiene measures to minimise the spread of this or any other illnesses.

Our Members/Visitors/Suppliers

We are also focussed on the wellbeing of our valued members, visitors and suppliers and encourage all who

  • are required to self-isolate owing to the Government mandates about 14 day immediate self-isolation on entering Australia from overseas
  • have symptoms associated with the COVID-19 or
  • may have been in contact with someone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19 

to find alternative ways to transact that do not involve visiting our premises for the wellbeing of our staff and other members or visitors.

Members can visit our website to learn how to conduct their banking online and our Call Centre staff can also assist with your enquiries by calling 1300 228 228 8am-6pm Monday to Friday.

Members are also reminded they have access to Bank@Post services via Australia Post outlets using their bcu card & PIN as well as our network of ATMs which are listed here.

We also urge our members to visit the Federal Government’s Health website for the latest information about the COVID-9 virus and it’s impacts in our areas.

We will continue to provide updates to any further changes or measures as appropriate.


If you are suffering from financial hardship

It's likely that this situation will put financial pressure on some of our members. If you are worried about your current financial position, please call the Call Centre on 1300 228 228 for more information.