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When it comes to university life, there are so many ways you can use technology to help you manage uni easier no matter what you’re studying.

A trip down memory lane:

Just to give you a little perspective, here’s a little idea of uni life back in the day, before tech played a big role in our lives. If you missed a class, make sure you’ve made friends so you can borrow notes, because lecture recordings were not a thing, neither was there access to an online portal to download all the lecture and tutorial slides. That means no last-minute cramming for an exam, because all you have is the notes that you took. Oh yes, and those were notes taken by hand, not touch-typed on a laptop or tablet. Remember those hand cramps you got when trying to write fast in exams…imagine that everyday…not fun. The worst was research assignments, before Google made its debut. That meant physically going to the library and sorting through several aisles of bulky thesis and reading through them page-by-page. Then taking notes and finding a computer to then type it up, print out and physically submit it. So, let’s just take a moment of gratitude for all the trouble that we’re avoiding with the great help of modern technology.

Tech for the introverts:

As mentioned before, nowadays most universities provide a lot of online resources for students. Now, this doesn’t mean you can spend all your uni life hiding in your room learning on your own. Interacting with other students and making friends within your degree can help you out a lot. But for those with a busy lifestyle and like a little peace and quiet while they study, make use of lecture recordings, self-learning resources and at times there are also virtual tutorials that you can sign up for.

With textbooks, there is no need to fork out loads of money and trying to negotiate cheaper prices with strangers, when you can easily find your books online. PDF versions of the textbook may be available, and if you are not able to afford some of the resources, take note of the topic or theory that is being discussed and Google it yourself. Fundamental theories and case studies don’t change over time, and if they have, Google will let you know for sure.

Use tech to its utmost advantage:

Having a cheat-sheet of online resources can save you so much time and effort during your years of uni, and can also help you past uni and into your work life. Websites like Grammarly, Readable.io and everyone’s favourite, Thesaurus.com can take your assignments to a whole new level. It may not seem like much, but a little goes a long way when making your reports and essays look legit and professional.

I’m sure making a reference list can be the most tedious part of wrapping up your assignments. Tools like Citefast are a definite game-changer. All you need to do is copy-past the titles or URLs of the journal articles or websites that you used and voilà, it will build your reference list for you.

Before you go out and buy all the expensive software and programs for uni, make sure you check out your university’s website and see if they offer these services for free or at a discount for students. Usually Office 365, anti-virus software and other specialised programs related to Science, Creative Industries and Business degrees are provided for uni students to use.

Next time we want to have a rant about uni life, let’s think about how much better we have it compared to the generations who went through uni before us. The internet is definitely going to be your new best friend during uni life, so make sure you maximise the opportunity because it’ll certainly be worth it.

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