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How a scholarship can make a difference to your education.

As students get caught up with the motions of schooling, it is important to not forget how much support is out there. Scholarships come in all forms and are fit for different people, situations and study areas, not only providing a financial benefit, but setting you up for bigger and better opportunities if you’re willing to put in the effort. So what’s so great about a scholarship you may ask? You’ll find some reasons below.

Money matters

Most scholarships involve some form of financial benefit. As many students know, studying can get overwhelming with the added pressure of financially supporting all your endeavours. Not only is it important to study but there are other necessities like paying rent, bills, getting experience to build up a resumé as well as balancing other responsibilities in your life.  Students should always be checking to see what financial assistance may be available for them. Whether it’s covering textbook fees, study essentials or even a certain amount of tuition, scholarships are every student’s dream to financial ease.

Confidence is key

We’ve all been there, late night study sessions, cramming and coffee runs, the struggles of student life can take a toll. It’s a crazy mix of trying to figure your life out and preparing for the real world while also trying new and different things. Unlike a full-time job which rewards you with a nice pay-cheque for your hard work, being a student involves waiting a little longer for a long-term financial reward. Earning and holding a scholarship involves proving that you’ve got what it takes to get through the trials of being a student. Simply through applying, you’ve opened up an opportunity to reduce your financial stress, balance your student life and focus on what’s most important for your studies rather than stressing about how you’ll balance work and bills while also getting that assignment completed to the best of your ability. That little extra motivation is all it takes to take your student efforts to a whole other level.

Putting your best foot forward

A misconception about scholarships is that they’re just a short-term fix for helping students in their studies. While having a little extra cash is beneficial in the short-term, scholarships also play a big role in preparing students for the real big step in their lives... their career. Having a scholarship to show on a resumé tells a lot about a student; their openness for new challenges, making the most of opportunities available and persistence in hard work, just to name a few. For employers, these types of characteristics are just what you need to get your foot in the door. Some scholarships also provide opportunities like internships, mentor networking and specific industry related experience. With those doors opened, there’s really no stopping you from reaching your career dreams. There are so many success stories out there from people who have used scholarships to take a big step into their dream jobs. Specialised organisations and societies for different industries like Women in Technology, STEM and Business have their own unique scholarships specifically structured to help students with big career goals, it’s just a matter of applying.

Being a student is all about making the most of what’s out there and using every opportunity to explore what you love and work up to your dreams. It’s a challenging but rewarding journey and with the benefits of a scholarship, you will have what it takes to work your best, persevere and get that motivational boost.

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