The time has come to take that leap into your next stage in life... university. Before you get overwhelmed by it all, it’s good to know the perks of uni life - because there are plenty.

From choosing your own schedule, to getting involved in social clubs, the opportunities to have the time of your life are seemingly endless.

An upgrade from high school

High school may have felt like a safe-haven because your schedule was planned for you, you knew when lunch breaks were and when you could hang out with friends. However, uni is a little different. It may seem like a lot at first, but once you get the hang of things, tackling uni will feel like a breeze.

First of all, you get to choose what you learn. The only subjects that you’ll be taking are the ones that are relevant to your degree, and in the long-run, what you’ll require for your chosen career. No more compulsory classes which you dreaded in high school that had nothing to do with your dream career!

Secondly, you will choose how you learn. You can either take your lectures in-class or online, buy or borrow your textbooks (depending on how much you’re willing to spend); and best of all, choose to study in the comfort of your PJs at home, or find a nice spot in a well-facilitated area on campus with great food options around every corner, unlike those limited options back in high-school from the tuck-shop!

Lastly and most importantly, you choose when you learn. If you’re trying to juggle a job, extra-curricular activities, uni and managing a social life as well, University life is flexible enough to accommodate this - with flexible class options. If you can only do certain days of the week, or certain times of the day, there’s always an option for you. The trick is to find the class timings in advance, plan out your schedule and be ready on class registration day; because it’ first-in-first-served. If you still can’t manage a suitable class time, contact your unit coordinator and they will be able to help you out.

Make things interesting

There’s never a dull moment at uni. You’ve got social clubs for a range of different sports (both recreational and competitive), cultural clubs for international students, or if you’re simply curious to see what’s on offer, there are social clubs for music, games, academia…you name it, there’s probably a club for you. These societies’ help you stay involved throughout the semester, help in making new friends on campus, and also make room in your busy schedule to take a break from study and simply relax.

As the weeks roll by through the semester, assignments and exams may seem like a huge weight on your shoulders; but, as a pick-me-up, keep an eye out for campus events as there’s always something going on. There are faculty parties, trivia nights, marathons, and usually a fun event happening near the end of semester to celebrate the end of another great sem.

Two birds, one stone

If you’re looking for opportunities to volunteer, get a part-time job, or get involved in something that’ll look good on your resume, you don’t have to travel much further than your campus. Clubs and societies are always on the lookout for people who want to get involved for the long-run. It’s always a great way to gain some experience if you want to get your chance to be part of the executive team of your favourite on-campus club. There are also Career/Employment Hubs that help you get connected to internships or work experience with a bunch of interesting opportunities available to whoever is interested. If you find that you’re excelling in a certain subject, you can also raise your hand to tutor students in your spare time...if you’re lucky then this may even be a paid gig as well!

Keep in mind, you don’t have to dive head-first into every uni activity; after all, you’ve got a few years to experiment with different activities and social volunteering to find out what you like to do. Once you get settled in, the options are endless and the choice is no farther than your fingertips with what you can get involved in. The most important part is to work hard, play hard and make the most of life on campus!

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