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You have received your acceptance letter, you have completed your enrolment and you are now about to embark on the next big chapter of your life… University.

This is an exciting journey but it doesn’t come cheap; sure you can cover your tuition fees through HECS but there are so many other items that you will need to buy which can add up.  Purchasing books, a laptop and accommodation can put students and families under financial strain and living off Ramen noodles for the next 3 years is not really an appealing option.  So how can you alleviate the financial strains of study after school?

Scholarships are a fantastic way to help with some; if not all of your financial pressures whilst studying and they can provide multiple benefits and that’s not just financial assistance.

There are many different scholarship types available to Australian students. These can be offered directly through a University or TAFE or they can be offered by an external source such as a charity or a business; these offer a variety of financial support options from complete coverage of all tuition, resources and accommodation or partial support such as covering study tools like laptops and books.  Regardless of which scholarship funding you could receive, a scholarship can make your time at University a little easier so you can focus on getting great results and graduating.

Another benefit of having a Scholarship can be when you’re looking for a job, a Scholarship on your resume says a lot about you. As most Scholarships require a lot of hard work and commitment to achieve; it shows employers what sort of work ethic you have along with your academic achievements.

Along with these benefits, remember receiving a scholarship means that you’re being recognised for your hard work and dedication in being the best student you can be. Thousands of people apply for Scholarships yet only a lucky few get through, a confidence boost like that can go a long way in motivating yourself to aim high and work harder.

As mentioned, there are endless benefits to a scholarship; along with the financial ease it also benefits your education and career goals, whilst providing a great motivational boost. Being a student is tough there’s no doubt about that, so having something to lift the pressure off your shoulders is a great help. 

Now that you know what you can get out of a scholarship! What’s stopping you from applying; you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. 

If you don’t know where to start on your scholarship search, speak to your local University or TAFE about what they have to offer and apply for bcu’s 2018 Bill Ussher Scholarship which launched today. 10 striving students will receive $2000 to enrich their education which could be you!  Apply here: https://www.bcu.com.au/50-year-anniversary/bill-ussher-scholarship 

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