Living life on the edge and not worrying about the future may seem like a thrill in the beginning, but you’d be surprised how beneficial insurance can be, especially for students. The world of insurance services is endless, so this guide is here to help you figure out which one best suits you and your lifestyle.

Protect your essentials:

As the semester rolls through, it’s the best excuse to buy the latest in electronics; “to make the best out of studying”… at least that’s what we tell ourselves. It’s no secret that nowadays our phones and laptops are our main source for surviving life. So how have you planned to make sure these valuables are covered? Accidental coffee spillage or weather damage cannot be foreseen, so insurance offers you the peace of mind to know that your valuables are in safe hands. If you’re living on your own, you’ll have a bunch of other personal property to protect, and insurance providers cater towards the necessary items to cover.

As well as protecting your belongings, you could also consider taking out Income Protection. In the event that you may lose your job, which is a real possibility for casual employees, income protection helps you weather it out until you can find another job.

Protect your car:

If you’ve bought you first car, don’t be embarrassed to admit that you’ve named it after your favourite fictional character and only refer to it as ‘he’ or ‘she’. It’s possibly the most prized possession that you have, however no matter how much you love it, you can’t protect it from everything on the road. At some point it’s going to encounter some problems and the last thing you want is to be stranded on your way home from a night class at uni.

Comprehensive motor insurance ensures you’re only signing up for benefits that apply to your needs. From roadside assistance to towing facilities, you know that no matter where you are, you and your car will always be taken care of. Bushfires, floods, storms and hail are all issues that we encounter on our side of Australia, so in case you forgot to park your car inside, don’t panic, you’ll be covered. And as much as we want to deny it, sometimes accidents can be at our own fault, but don’t feel guilty, because insurance covers these circumstances as well.

To simply put it, car insurance protects you from dealing with unwanted financial pressure in unplanned circumstances of car troubles, which is music to anyone’s ears especially in the money-tight life of a uni student.

Most importantly, protect yourself:

Single people in their 20s and 30s all the way up to nearly middle-age can’t consider themselves invulnerable, so even if you’re perfectly healthy now, having at least a basic level of Hospital Cover is important. While you’re busily focussed on studies or career, Extras Cover may not be as vital to you – but if you have any particular health needs, it can come in handy. You can compare health insurance plans using online comparison websites.

While Life Insurance may seem unnecessary while you’re young and healthy, it’s not a bad idea to consider or start thinking about it. The goal of insurance providers is to ensure you never face a financial burden that was unexpected. Unforeseen circumstances cause enough mental and physical distress, so the safety net of an insurance plan makes sure your stress levels are reduced in your time of need.

Find what best suits you:

The greatest part of insurance services is that it is caters towards your needs. So if you feel you don’t want to spend excessive premiums for covers you don’t need, then you can save money for yourself. So as you consider getting insurance, first think about what materials you value most and see how insurance services cater to these needs. You’ll thank yourself later when the insurance benefits come in handy in unexpected circumstances.

You should obtain and consider the Product Disclosure Statement for a financial product before making any decision whether to acquire it.

Important information

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