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When it comes to insurance, make sure your valuable assets are always protected.

The examples below highlight the extremes some people can go to when insuring the items most valuable to them.

The Million Dollar Mouth

Or to be more specific…10 Million dollars. That’s how much Ugly Betty star America Ferrera insured for her mouth. This policy covers her teeth, gums and her perfect smile…quite ironic for her character who constantly wore chunky braces. In her defence it was all part of a partnership with a dental company that supported a charity giving dental aid to female graduates. The insurance policy was part of a sum of money donated to this charity, so it all ended up being quite a good cause at the end of the day.

Merv’s Mo’

Some of the older folk will remember Aussie cricket star Merv Hughes primarily known for his amazing bowling skills but perhaps also his iconic moustache. The man was very proud of his looks because he insured his moustache for $370,000. If he takes his ‘stache that seriously it’s no wonder his opponents were so terrified of him on the field.

Love the Locks

You will never guess it, but American footballer Troy Polamalu was given an endorsement deal with Head & Shoulders for his luscious hair…and it gets better…he insured it for $1 Million. While it may seem outrageous, there is some sentiment behind it. To pay tribute to his Samoan heritage, Troy didn’t cut his hair for 10 years with its length reaching almost 1 meter. For dedication like that, you do need a safety precaution.

The Spirit Finger

The Rolling Stones guitarist, Keith Richards got down to tiny specifics with his insurance policy. With his talents lying on his legendary guitar solos, he thought it best to insure his finger, just the one middle finger on his left hand…for $1.6 million. At the end of the day, the band produced some history-making tracks, so let’s just call it an investment for the team.

Vocal Value

1970s singer Bruce Springsteen cared a lot for his career and passion for singing by insuring his vocal chords for $6 Million dollars. After selling 64 million records just in the US and being the 15th highest-selling artist of all time, $6 million was probably just petty cash for someone in his ranking.

Save the Senses

Wine-making is a tough industry which takes a lot of dedication and attention to detail. In order to make it in the business you need to be the best of the best. Dutch winemaker, Ilja Gort didn’t take his natural talent for granted…his smelling abilities. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, lastly, we have an insured nose for $8 Million. This policy however came with a few restrictions, sadly Ilja couldn’t participate in extreme sports or the most random activity, fire breathing…just in case you were thinking of insuring your nose.

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