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By Mozo Property Expert, Steve Jovcevski

Spring has sprung and if you’re anything like me, you’re probably keen to roll up your sleeves and get some DIY work done around the house.

With the weather warming up, it’s easier than ever to get stuck into some home renos - and the best part is that there’s plenty of work you can do that won’t break the budget, but will add heaps to the value and appeal of your home.

Here are my top renovation ideas to cross off your list this spring season.

1. Repair or upgrade the roof. 

When the weather is nice, it’s the perfect opportunity to do any necessary repairs to roofing, without risking rain getting into your house. So if you’ve got a few broken tiles or gutters that need fixing, now’s the time to break out the hammer.

2. Revamp your paint palette. 

A new coat of paint is a classic weekend reno - and for good reason. Fresh paint can change the whole look of a house, making it feel neat, clean and modern and spring is a great time to try out some new colours. Go for bright accents on a neutral background if you’re after a cheerful touch but not quite ready to go all out. If you’re aiming for colour all over, try a more muted, pastel shade for a classic springtime floral look.

3. Treat yourself to a new bathroom. 

Although this is one of the more expensive projects on this list, it doesn’t have to break the bank, and little changes like swapping out old fixtures or replacing a worn out bathtub can make a huge difference to the entire space. If you’re keen to gut the entire thing and start again, I’d suggest looking into taking out a low rate personal loan to fund it - there’s nothing worse than getting halfway through a remodel and realising your savings have run dry.

4. Spruce up the windows. 

Replacing glass, mending window panes or even just giving windows a thorough scrub can help bring the spring sunshine into your home. Another quick and inexpensive way to make your house look light and airy is to replace heavy curtains with light cotton in a nice pattern.

5. Build a deck. 

Nothing says spring reno like a big beautiful deck in your backyard. It’s great to have this space set up for barbeques and parties as the weather heats up - but tread carefully. Re-doing or building a deck can take a lot of structural work to get right, which can wind up meaning your renovation costs mount up quickly. As with a new bathroom, if you’re going to embark on this project, make sure you have more than enough funds to see it through to the end - whether that’s through saving a comfortable amount, or taking out a personal loan.


Picture of Steve Jovcevski wearing a blue suit. Property expert of financial comparison website Mozo

Author bio: 

Steve Jovcevski is Mozo’s property expert. With an extensive knowledge of home loan products and property trends, Steve is full of practical tips to help first homebuyers, refinancers or investors build and get the most out of their property portfolio.

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