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When you choose to bank with a customer owned banking institution, there are a number of benefits you can enjoy.

These include:

Customer owned means customer focused:

Credit unions, mutual building societies and mutual banks all have a mutual structure, making their first point of business to focus on their members. Customer owned banking is the only banking alternative that is solely customer focused – 100% of the profits are used to benefit members and the institutions have a true community focus.

Bank with peace of mind:

Customer owned banking institutions provide quality, professional, ethical banking and offer competitive rates and pricing for over 4 million members across Australia. When you bank with a Customer Owned Banking Association, your deposits are also covered by the Government guarantee, giving you that added peace of mind.

Market leading customer satisfaction:

Customer owned banking intuitions are focused on benefits for their members – and not profits for shareholders. They typically deliver better service and fairer fees and are consistently among the highest rated levels of customer satisfaction in the Australian banking market.

With nearly 50 years of customer owned banking experience, bcu are the local alternative for all of your banking needs.

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