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It’s that time of the year and the festive season has snuck up on us again. As we begin our usual Christmas routines of shopping, eating, shopping and more shopping, it’s time to get finance savvy. 

There are plenty of resources out there to help ease your mind whilst you shop around for the perfect presents, making it way easier to understand money management and avoid that dreaded shock from a credit card bill. 

There are some excellent resources out there to help you stay in control of your finances.

ASIC’s Money Smart is super helpful and can answer many of your money questions. Whether you need help budgeting for Christmas, everyday tips on saving, information on claiming taxes, calculating super,  or tips on share-housing, there is a variety of information to give you the essential tools you need to stay on top of your finances.

To help you understand financial terms, Investopedia is your go-to finance dictionary. Not only is it the one-stop-site for finding definitions for financial lingo it also has a bunch of tutorials and videos that help to explain and demonstrate for a greater understanding. The simplistic nature of how the terms are relayed provides an eye-opening experience for all. Investopedia provides the latest in financial news so you can be rest assured you’re keeping up to date and increasing your knowledge. 

For everyday easy-reads, blogs are an excellent way to understanding and comprehending a topic; they give you day-to-day advice that you can apply in your routine straight away. Whether you’re a student trying to survive on a low budget or you’re currently saving for that big investment; blogs are great for everyone in any walk of life and they’re written by everyday people just like us. Financial blogs can provide tips on personal finance, debt help, investing, insurance and lifestyle. If you ever need life hacks to save on everyday purchases, minimise debt and tips on buying or selling your car, blogs can be very helpful.  

When it comes to finding the right place to take care of your money, it’s always beneficial to compare credit cards, loans and insurance. Introducing comparison sites! Some of these include Finder, Mozo, Rate CityCanstar or Compare the Market. These are all extremely helpful and provide useful articles to help with your financial savviness. Many of these sites also provide the latest financial news. 

Seeking financial guidance can be one of the most reassuring things that you can do. Today, it is much easier to get financial tips with most of the useful self-help tools just a click away. During this festive season it’s important to remain in control of your finances to ensure that you have a fresh start for the New Year. The more you know, the more confident you’ll feel, especially when it comes to being finance savvy. 

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