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By Alison Banney

These days there’s an app for just about everything. Looking for a date this weekend? There’s an app for that. Interested in tracking your sleep patterns? There’s an app for that.

Apps can help us manage every part of our lives, from our fitness to our finances. And while some (okay, a lot) are a waste of time, many are extremely helpful. Here are a few of the best apps to help you get on top of your personal finances and make your life instantly better.


We all know that investing now can have huge benefits down the track, but investing can seem such a scary, confusing world. That’s where Acorns comes in. This brilliant micro-investing app takes your small change and invests it for you. For example if you buy a coffee for $3.50, it will round up to $4 and and invest the left over 50c into a diversified portfolio on your behalf, allowing you to become an investor for the price of peanuts (or acorns, if you will). You can choose from six investment portfolios, including the new socially-responsible Emerald Portfolio which is good to your bank balance as well as the planet.


Whether it be brunch with friends or your quarterly electricity charges, splitting bills can be awkward, complicated and uncomfortable. This is especially the case in today’s cashless society where we all want to pay on card. If you’re often footing the bill for friends and hearing nothing but crickets when you ask for their share, Splitr is for you. Simply take a photo of the receipt and the app will calculate the individual costs, which you can then split with any of your phone or Facebook contacts. You can also add a phone number and split the bill directly through the app. Then, track their payments through the app to see who owes what.


This app takes care of the financial admin that comes with socialising. Like Splitr, Finch also helps take the awkwardness out of bill splitting, but this app goes one step further. It offers users interactive insights into their social spending habits, revealing where and when you spend your money while you're out. And while some of us may prefer to stick our heads in the sand and adopt the "if I don’t look at my bank statement it doesn’t exist" mentality, knowing what, when and where you’re spending will help you save.


Think of this app like a friend that follows you around all day making sure you’re making good decisions.It automatically categorises your transactions and sends you an alert when you’re close to exceeding your budget. It also lets you know when you’ve been charged fees (such as bank charges), so you can check they’re correct, and reminds you of upcoming bill payments. It’s like your very own financial personal assistant in your pocket.


More and more young Australians now have a side hustle in addition to their regular 9-5. This is all well and good, but with more work comes more financial admin, like invoicing. Invoice2go allows you to instantly send invoices on the spot, no matter where you are. Acting as your own mini-accountant, it keeps a close eye on overdue invoices and tracks payments on your behalf. Not only does this save you precious time, but it means you’ll get paid faster, too.

Managing your personal finances doesn’t need to be a daunting task, you just need the right tools to help you get there. And no matter how niche, unusual or rare the finance-related problem is that you’re looking to solve, I guarantee you, there’s an app for it.

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