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Security Codes

Security codes are a convenient authentication service that gives an additional layer of protection to your bcu internet banking.

Security codes (or secure codes) are a convenient authentication service that provide an additional layer of protection to your BCU internet banking. Once registered you will be prompted to enter a code when undertaking certain transactions such as making payments to new external payees, making batch payments, changing your password or changing your contact details.

BCU Bank provide the option of secure codes sent via SMS, and also provide an option to generate secure codes using the Symantec VIP Access App.

Secure SMS is the most popular method of authentication, however members with unreliable data coverage may prefer to use the Symantec VIP Access App to generate secure codes. Secure codes are used to to authenticate a transaction that you are performing. You should never provide your secure code to anyone else, especially over the telephone.

SMS secure codes

An SMS cecure code is a randomly generated, one off passcode which is sent to your registered mobile phone number.

Once you have registered for the service, every time you attempt a transaction requiring extra authentication, an SMS will be sent to your mobile phone number. You will need to enter the code into BCU iBank to validate the transaction.

You will be asked to enter a secure code each time you attempt a secure activity. This can include adding a new payee, requesting a limit increase, viewing card details and more.

Security tokens

Secure codes can also be generated using the Symantec VIP Access App, or a physical token.

These token options will generate a random one-off secure code, which can be entered in BCU iBank to validate a transaction.

Authentication of the secure code generated by the security token is provided using the Symantec Validation & ID Protection (VIP) Online Security service which is enabled by the global VIP (VeriSign Identity Protection) network.

Find out more about the Symantec VIP Access App

Frequently asked questions

When completing a transaction on a two to sign account in iBank using the Approve Payments service, only the first approver will be required to enter a Secure code. 
If you are sending or approving a Batch Payments which requires a Secure Code, both approvers will be required to enter a Secure Code.
If you travel overseas regularly we would recommend that you get the VIP Access App or a physical token to generate Secure codes. The VIP Access app works in the same way as a physical token, except that it is on your mobile device. 

If you don’t have access to a reliable mobile phone service to receive SMS Secure Codes, or are living or travelling overseas,  we offer the alternative of using the Symantec VIP Access App or a physical token that you are able to use when you complete an at risk transaction.

You can download the VIP Access App from the App Store for iOS or Google Play for Android.

Please visit  a BCU store or call 1300 228 228 to discuss your options and apply for a token. 

Once you’ve registered for SMS Secure codes the only way to change your mobile number is to call us on 1300 228 228 or visit a BCU store.

When we have successfully identified you, we can change your mobile number and register you for SMS Secure codes using your new mobile number.  

You will only need to use your Secure Code when you initiate one of  the nominated higher risk transactions. If you are asked for your Secure Code over the phone and you have not initiated an activity you should terminate the call and contact BCU immediately on 1300 228 228. 

To register for Secure SMS codes, when you log into BCU iBank go to Services > Register Secure SMS.  

You will need to have a valid mobile phone number on record with BCU.

You will also be prompted to register for Secure SMS if you are attempting a transaction which requires the additional level of authentication.  

To register the VIP Access App or a Physical token to generate Secure codes for BCU iBank, you must first be registered for Secure SMS, and then you can register a Security Token. You can download the VIP Access App from the App Store for iOS or Google Play for Android.

Once you’ve downloaded the VIP Access App, you can register your token in BCU iBank by going to Services > Register Token

Once registered your App/Token will be your primary method of generating Secure codes until you deregister the service.