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Is the fixed rate term of your home loan close to ending? Or perhaps you're after a loan with an offset account?

Whatever your circumstances, we can help. Switching your home loan might feel overwhelming, but we're here to answer any questions you have and help make the process feel easier.

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Frequently asked questions

There are not any switch fees for home loans.

The switch can take up to 12 business days after we have received the signed contract. This timeframe is a guide only and is subject to change.

We will notify you in the final 2 months of your fixed term via your preferred contact method to advise when your fixed loan is due to expire. This email will include information about what product the loan will change to, the new interest rate and the new repayment amount.

This is the perfect time to reassess your needs and financial solution. There are three options of what to do with your loan.

Fix your loan again: Speak to one our home loan specialists to refix your home loan for a further 1-5 years.

Split, Combine or Switch your loan product: Speak to one of our home loan specialists to look at other potential variable home loan products that might better suit your needs (such as a product that has the option of a redraw facility or offset account). You are also able to combine your ending fixed loan with an existing variable loan, or you can split the ending fixed loan into part variable part fixed.

Revert: If you don’t do anything when the term of your fixed rate home loan is up, the interest rate will revert to a ‘standard’ variable rate set by the bank viewable here. This rate may be higher than the rate you’ve been fixed on and could increase your monthly repayments. The interest rate and product your loan will revert to will be noted on the letter that is sent to you.

  1. Call through to our contact centre on 1300 228 228 to book an over the phone or in branch appointment.

  2. Attend a branch to speak to one of our home loan specialists or branch managers (please note appointment may be required).

  3. Complete the home loan enquiry online form and one of our home loan specialist will be in touch.

Potentially, if you would like to amend to the new minimum monthly repayment or increase your current repayments. Otherwise your existing repayment will remain on the loan. Remember it is your responsibility to ensure that your minimum monthly payment is met.

There are three ways you are able to change your repayments. Remember you are only able to manually edit a payment you have set up yourself.

  1. Log in to your Internet Banking or Banking App to edit your scheduled payments. 

  2. Contact us on 1300 228 228 and we can assist making the change for you.

  3. Attend your nearest branch.