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International Services and Foreign Exchange

If you need a travel card for your next adventure, or just need to send or receive money from overseas, BCU Bank can help!

Cash Passport Platinum Mastercard

Simplify travel money with a Mastercard Cash Passport – a pre-paid travel money card that allows you to load up to 11 currencies. It can be used just like a debit or credit card, everywhere Mastercard is accepted wordwide.

Find out more about the Cash Passport

Send money overseas

Do you need to send money to an overseas account as a gift? Or perhaps you're making a larger transfer? Whatever the reason, we’re here to help.

We can help you send money overseas using our International Payments Service, powered by Convera.

A telegraphic transfer (or ‘wire’) is an electronic transfer of funds directly credited to the recipient's overseas bank account.

  • A fast and safe way to send funds overseas
  • Choose from a wide range of currencies
  • Most transfers only take 72 hours
  • Access the SWIFT network through our partner Convera

It's easy to organise – you can arrange to make an overseas electronic transfer at at BCU Bank branch or via BCU iBank.

To complete an international transfer via BCU iBank, you’ll first need to register your account for the service by contacting us to set your limit.

To perform the international transfer you will need:

  • Transfer amount and required currency
  • Beneficiary details including name and full street address
  • Bank name and full street address
  • Bank sort code/SWIFT address/chips/routing number
  • Beneficiary account number
  • IBAN (this is mandatory for transfers sent to the UK or European Union)

If you've never made an overseas transfer with us before and have some questions, you can call us on 1300 228 228.

Receive money from overseas

You can receive money from overseas directly to your BCU Bank account using our International Payments Service, powered by Convera.

This is called an inward transfer – an electronic transfer of funds directly credited to your account from an overseas sender. The funds arrive in the sender's own currency, and Convera converts them into Australian dollars before forwarding to us for crediting to your account.

  • Exchange rate guarantee – for funds deposited within 72 hours of quote
  • No recipient charge for inward transfers
  • A fast and safe way to receive funds from overseas
  • Available from a wide range of currencies
  • Most transfers only take 72 hours

Step 1: Simply complete and submit the Convera form – receive money from overseas. You will be then presented with the PDF deposit instructions.

Step 2: Please save it for your reference and email it to your payee/follow payment instructions.

Step 3: You should ask the sender to present the PDF deposit instructions to their bank when sending the payment to you. As stated in the instructions, the payee should then deposit the amount into the dedicated account in their local currency, not in Australian dollars (AUD).

Please note: BCU Bank do not hold their own SWIFT code.

Heading overseas?

Let us know your travel plans before you head off. This can help us to monitor your cards and know whether overseas transactions are legitimate. You can tell us your travel plans through the BCU Bank App under the 'Overseas' travel option and selecting 'Your travel plans' and letting us know what dates you will be away and areas you will be staying, BCU iBank through 'Services' and 'Secure Mail', calling our contact centre, or visiting your local branch.