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Tweed Valley Banana Festival

The Tweed Valley Banana Festival celebrated the beautiful town of Murwillumbah, the community, local industries and of course the Banana Farmers in its concluding bcu Street Parade, through Murwillumbah town centre on Saturday. The sun was shining, and the town was buzzing with excitement for the bcu street parade, which comprised of 30+ floats and thousands of people whom lined the street.

Led by two mounted policeman, the bcu branded car and the traditional banana float, the bcu Murwillumbah team marched through the town en route to the showgrounds. The afternoon showground events included free rides for kids, market and food stalls along with live music for all to enjoy.

Store supervisor Paul Salmon stated, “bcu was well received as the main sponsor of the banana festival parade. It was fantastic to see the streets of Murwillumbah full with the whole community behind an event that has been going for 63 years. For bcu, this provided a tremendous opportunity to develop some great local relationships and to also show our support for the iconic community festival. All store staff and area manager Tony Mitton were involved”.