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Message from the Chairman: 48th bcu Annual General Meeting (AGM)

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On Tuesday 30th October 2018, I had the pleasure of chairing the 48th bcu AGM at the C.ex Club in Coffs Harbour. This event was a great opportunity to meet with our members and staff, review our achievements to date and focus on our future ahead in a challenging financial services landscape.

I would like to extend my thanks to all who attended and contributed during the event. Your commitment to bcu is central to our on-going success.

The Board put forward four ordinary resolutions for consideration by our members at the AGM. The outcomes of the resolutions were as follows:

  • Resolution 1: Re-election of Director Sinclair Black         - this resolution was carried
  • Resolution 2: Election of Director Mike Gould                 - this resolution was carried
  • Resolution 3: Election of Director Steve Targett             - this resolution was carried
  • Resolution 4: Directors’ remuneration                             - this resolution was carried

I would like to thank our members for their confidence in formally endorsing myself and my fellow Directors, Sinclair Black and Mike Gould. We are proud to lead such a community-driven organisation and will do so with passion and commitment.

Sinclair, Mike and I are looking forward to channeling the hard work of our staff to drive fast, simple and modern banking for all bcu members.

Our achievements over the 2017-2018 financial year have been outstanding; we can stand proud knowing that this was one of our most financially successful years to date. The year ahead will also be an exciting one, with improved processes and services for our members and staff and the continued implementation of our community-focused work.

I am looking forward to working on behalf of our members and staff to deliver an even better 2018 – 2019.


Steve Targett
bcu Chairman