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Members encouraged to be vigilant as FluBot scam circulates

The news has recently been reporting a worldwide malicious scam circulating, called the FluBot, and we urge all members to be extra vigilant.

How the scam works

This scam mostly targets Android users, and comes as a text message that appears to be from a legitimate sender. For example, it may present as a message about a missed call, purchase refund or a delivery alert from a courier.

After clicking on the link, it directs you to a page that looks exactly like a trusted company, and states you need to download an app to access a message or alert. This app contains malware (dangerous software) which can then capture your personal information on your phone, including your banking login information and SMS codes.

Once infected, your phone may send text messages to contacts within your phone to try and infect their devices.

Apple iPhones are not as susceptible to the malware, but can still distribute the same kind of text message to your contacts, potentially further spreading the virus.

If you receive a suspicious text message

If you receive a message you’re not expecting from a company, even if it looks legitimate, DO NOT click on the link or download any apps it states you need to download to access the message or alert.

bcu may send you genuine texts from time to time, but we take the security of your money very seriously and we will never direct you to login to internet banking via text message.

If you think you may have clicked on a link

If you think there’s a chance you’ve been impacted by the virus, please contact us so we can protect your accounts. You will need to remove the malware from your phone, and also need to change your passwords using a device that hasn’t been infected.

To find out more information about the FluBot, visit scamwatch.gov.au.