Sick and tired of the same old "make food at home" advice? Join the club!

The cost-of-living crisis is hitting some people hard, especially when it comes to grub. But fear not, because this article is about to drop some seriously easy strategies that'll have you saving on food without sacrificing your taste buds or style.

1. Subscription shuffle

Sure, meal subscriptions are all the rage, but let's face it — they can be pricier than a unicorn latte. However, they’re so popular that your mates probably have a discount code or two lying around. Ask the group chat for a HelloFresh referral code, buy the discounted boxes, and cancel the subscription if it no longer serves you. It’s a fun way to try new recipes while saving a bit of money. Bonus points if your friends all pick different subscriptions so you can swap discount codes and recipes.

2. Cashback is king

If you’re reading this, you have probably signed up for more than one loyalty program or cashback app. Now it's time to milk them for all they're worth. Consider which of the programs gives you the best bang for your back, and whether you can stack programs to maximise your discount, points, or cashback.

3. App-tastic meal planning

Traditional meal planning? Yawn. Smart meal planning apps, like SuperCook, help generate recipes based on what's hiding in your fridge and even what's on sale. Sure, it might take a while to log everything in your pantry but the pay off is a smaller grocery bill, new recipes to try, and a reduction in food waste.

4. International supermarkets

Shopping your local international supermarket (or even the international aisle of Coles) can be your key to big savings. You’ll often find staples like rice, condiments, spices, and other treasures at a cheaper price than a mainstream supermarket – plus a wide array of fresh veggies. Don’t be put off by packaging that’s not in English – Google Lens can help ensure you find the right ingredients. Our top pick: S&B Golden Curry sauce (thank us later!)

5. Ice, ice baby

Frozen food has received a bad rep over the years, but the freezer aisle isn't just for sad TV dinners. Dive into a world of frozen fruits, veggies, and proteins that'll have your meals looking like a five-star feast without the five-star price tag. Plus, you can say goodbye to food waste.

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