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Fraud Monitoring Systems

In line with our commitment to protecting our members from fraud, bcu has Responsive SMS – an interactive component of our new 24/7 fraud monitoring system.

If a transaction alerts on our fraud monitoring tool as potentially suspicious, you may receive an SMS to your registered mobile number asking you to validate that transaction. Your response will determine whether that transaction proceeds or is reversed and investigated as fraudulent. You remain in control of the validation.

If you receive an SMS after initiating a transaction from one of your bcu accounts, you will be asked to reply with either a “Yes” or a “No” and a unique transaction code. You must include the transaction code in your reply for your response to be valid.

If the transaction is legitimate, you must reply “Yes” as well as the unique 6 digit transaction code provided in the message. If you just reply with “Yes” or “Y” your response will be considered invalid and you will get another opportunity to reply.

Acceptable response for a valid transaction “yes123456”.

Unacceptable responses for a valid transaction “Yes”, “y123456”, “Y”

If you did not initiate the transaction and you believe it is fraudulent, you simply reply “No” plus the unique 6 digit transaction code eg “no123456” – and the transaction will, where possible, be reversed and investigated by our Fraud Team.

If we have not received a response from you in 12 hours, the transaction will be manually reviewed by a member of our Fraud Team the following business day.

No. You must reply to the SMS from the same number it was sent to – this is the registered mobile number on your bcu account.

Responsive SMS is a key part of our Fraud Monitoring system and allows for a 24/7 response to suspicious transactions. Responsive SMS gives you greater control over your transactions in real time.  You cannot turn Responsive SMS off, but if you are using your One Time Password to authenticate your transactions you will most likely not receive a Responsive SMS.

Responsive SMS does not require you to click on any links or navigate to any web pages. And remember, bcu will never ask you for internet banking log in details.

As always, if you are travelling overseas and likely to be transacting on your bcu accounts while away, just let us know before you go so that we can make sure your funds are not held up while away. You can call us on 1300 228 228.