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Please read the below information carefully as it outlines the changes to the terms and conditions of your accounts:

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Target Market Determinations

The Design and Distribution Obligations (DDO) require issuers and distributors of financial products including accounts, home loans, personal loans, credit cards, and insurance to have a customer centric approach to the design and distribution of their products, to help customers obtain financial products that are appropriate for their needs.

bcu is the issuer and distributor of our banking products. We also distribute some products in partnership with other issuers for the benefit of our members – such as the insurance products we provide.

DDO requires a Target Market Determination (TMD) for all of our Consumer products. A TMD is a document which describes who a product is likely appropriate for, and how the product may be distributed. A copy of any of our TMDs is available on request. To obtain a TMD for a product you can message or email us, call 1300 228 228, or visit your local branch.