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Stamp duty calculator

How much will you need to pay in stamp duty? Find out with this handy calculator.

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Frequently asked questions

Stamp duty is a tax charged by the state and territory governments for certain types of transactions such as the purchase of a property. The amount payable varies by state to state.

The amount of stamp duty required is dependent on a number of factors including price of the property, location and whether or not you are a first home buyer. Our handy Stamp Duty Calculator can help you calculate the total cost, regardless of where you live in Australia.

Land purchases are not exempt from stamp duty, and the rate also varies from state to state. Our calculator can help you calculate the costs involved.

This will vary from state to state. Our helpful Stamp Duty Calculator allows you to calculate stamp duty for each state and territory, for both new and established homes.

First home buyers may be liable to pay stamp duty depending on the value of the property, but the rules vary from state to state. Contact a bcu Home Loan Specialist to see whether this can be waived under the First Home Owners Grant.

Stamp duty is generally payable between settlement day or up to three months from settlement day, depending on what state or territory the transaction is taking place.

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