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Direct debits are going digital


A new way to pay. PayTo allows you to pre-authorise and manage payments from your bank account. Think direct debit, but much better! It's fast, easy, and secure. Use it to make a one-off or recurring payment in real-time with participating merchants.


Authorise and maintain all your PayTo agreements in one place.


Make payments using your PayID or your BSB and account number.


PayTo is part of the same secure platform as Osko and PayID.


Keep better track of your payments by knowing when they're due to come out of your account.

Why use PayTo?

PayTo is just like the direct debits you already use. But it gives you more control over the payments coming out of your bank account.

Like a direct debit, PayTo allows you to make automatic payments from your bank account. A PayTo agreement can be for anything from phone bills or subscriptions to flights. Unlike a direct debit, you can set up a PayTo agreement online using your PayID or BSB and account number. This makes it faster and easier to set up payments on the spot. PayTo supports various payment types, including fixed or variable payment amounts and frequency.

You can:

  • Authorise, view and manage PayTo agreements set up from your bank account using BCU iBank.
  • Use your PayID or BSB and account number to set up payments on the spot.
  • Make quick, easy, and secure payments.
  • Rest easy knowing that your PayTo agreements are accessible through BCU iBank, which means they're protected by the same level of security as the rest of your banking data.
  • Easily move your PayTo payments between eligible BCU accounts.

How PayTo works

PayTo agreements are stored in a secure, encrypted database managed by NPP Australia. They are responsible for operating and overseeing the New Payments Platform.

When a PayTo agreement is set up, you'll need to review and authorise it. It could be for a one-off or a recurring payment. The PayTo agreement will appear in BCU iBank for your authorisation. Once you've authorised the agreement, the business or merchant can debit your account in line with the agreed terms. You can view, change, pause, cancel or decline any existing PayTo agreements by logging into your internet banking.

Frequently asked questions

When you agree to setup a PayTo agreement with a merchant, for example Netflix (the party who is asking for authorisation to debit your account), they will create the PayTo agreement through their financial institution and you will be notified by email requesting approval of the PayTo agreement.

You can find your PayTo agreements by clicking on the Transfer / Pay menu in BCU iBank.

Screenshot of BCU iBank, showing that PayTo Agreements can be found under the Transfer/Pay menu item in BCU iBank

PayTo is a modern, digital alternative to the current direct debit system. It’s faster, more flexible and gives you more control over payments you have authorised to come out of your bank account.

All existing direct debits will remain in place until the merchant informs you that it will be replaced with a PayTo agreement.

  • BCU Access Account
  • Advantage Saver
  • BCU Business Saver
  • BCU Business Basic Access
  • Mortgage Offset Saver
  • Classic Credit Card

You can find your PayTo agreements in BCU iBank under Transfer / Pay.

All PayTo agreements regardless of the status will be shown. This will include active, paused and cancelled agreements.

Important information

    PayTo is an initiative from the New Payments Platform (NPP); fast payments infrastructure built by the Australian financial services sector.

    For more information, please visit the PayTo website.