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Carly Shanahan, local Coffs Grommet Surfer and bcu Brand Ambassador, was born with a love of the ocean!

Competing in her first surf comps at just age 7, Carly has been making waves in the surfing world ever since. With some huge achievements notched up already, including a finals finish at the Billabong Oz Grom and competing in the Billabong Bloodlines Series in Bali, Carly is on her way to becoming a surfing legend!

Carly’s shared her top 5 surfing tips below:

  1. Choose your equipment wisely.
    When you’re starting out you don’t need the latest technology. Look to get a simple foam board and work your way up - trust me you will build a much stronger love for surfing and it will be safer for everyone else in the water.
  2. Give respect to gain respect.
    In crowded lineups always wait your turn for a wave, shout a ‘yew’ when someone’s is ripping and you will always be treated with respect.
  3. Try new things and don’t worry about hurting yourself.
    The best thing about surfing is you can try new tricks over and over and you’re only going to fall on soft water.
  4. Challenge your limits not anyone else’s!
    Surfing is a lifelong journey and you don’t need to charge 10 ft. waves on your second day, the harder you work to achieve that goal the more confident you’ll be and how much sweeter it will feel.
  5. Have fun and live in the moment!
    The ocean is a place to escape your worries and when you’re having fun, you learn faster, which is an awesome bonus!

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