When temperature ranges rise, sometimes the only way to beat the heat is to switch on your air-conditioner – even if you know it’s going to cost you.

With energy prices hiking across Australia, it’s important to understand your energy consumption to avoid a hefty bill at the end of the quarter.

Here are five ways you can save on your energy bills while staying cool.

1. Understand and manage your energy use

When was the last time you looked at your daily energy use? It’s important to understand your energy bill so you can look at ways of reducing your usage. Look at how much energy you use and what your usage charge is (cents per kilowatt hour (c/kWh) for electricity and cents per megajoule (c/MJ) for gas). It’s a competitive market so compare plans and take advantage of any deals or discounts.

2. Use less hot water

We use hot water daily and often forget how much energy is used for our home hot water systems. By cutting back on how much hot water you use, you will also be saving on your energy costs. Simple changes such as washing your clothes in cold water, taking a shorter shower instead of a bath or only running your dishwasher when it’s completely full could make a difference.

3. Cool down your home naturally

To avoid using your air-conditioner continuously this summer, consider alternative ways to reduce the heat around the home. Most heat during the day comes from your windows so consider blocking out the sun with some new blinds, curtains or outdoor awnings. Using ceiling fans to encourage better air flow can also help fight the humidity.  

4. Assess your appliances

Research which appliances around your home use the most energy. Often kitchen and laundry appliances like your fridge, dishwasher, dryer and washing machine are the hungriest. It can make a significant difference to wait until you have full loads of washing and switch your appliances off at the wall when not in use. An easy way to manage your appliance energy use is to buy a wall adapter with a time controller or smart plug.

5. Consider switching to solar

Installing solar panels to your home may cost you in the short-term but could save you money in the long run. It offers the ability to generate electricity during daylight hours without having to pull energy from the grid. You could save money on your home energy bills and make a positive impact on the environment.

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