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Whether you’re out and about, at work, or just hanging around the house, our online banking solutions will make accessing and managing your accounts simple, no matter where you are.

bcu offers bcu iBank for online banking, covering your everyday banking needs – from scheduling payments so you can “set and forget”, to creating a PayID so you can receive money quickly and easily. bcu also offers the bcu Connect App, which is a safe and easy way to access your accounts on your mobile phone from anywhere you have an internet connection.

Here are some of the top ways that our digital banking services can make life easier for you.

1. Make transfers simple

Out with your friends and need to transfer someone money for dinner? We’ve got you covered with simple and quick payments using Osko and PayID! Or simply need to transfer some money over from another account? No problem! You can easily make transfers, both between your own accounts and to others, using bcu iBank and the bcu Connect App.

2. Go contactless

Leave your bulky wallet or purse at home! It’s easy to add your bcu Visa Debit or Credit card to your digital wallet, so you can conveniently and securely pay using your phone.

3. Budgeting made easy

We’ve made keeping track of your spending simple. You can look at your transaction history and e-Statements, view or edit your upcoming auto transfers, set up alerts for credits, debits and due payments, and see a complete overview of all your bcu accounts in one place.

4. Replace your card immediately with instant digital cards

Don’t worry, losing your card can happen to the best of us! But you can stress less – we’ve got your back. You can use bcu iBank or the bcu Connect App to place a temporary lock on your card while you look for it, or you can cancel it and order a new instant digital card to use with your digital wallet immediately. If using a physical card is your preference, you’ll receive one in the mail generally within a couple of weeks of requesting a replacement.

5. Activate a new card and set or change your PIN

Save yourself time when it comes to activating your new card by doing it from the comfort of your own home, using bcu iBank or the bcu Connect App. You can even set or change your PIN while you’re at it.

6. View your account balance without logging in

This one’s exclusive to the bcu Connect App, and there’s no PIN or biometrics necessary! If you’re out getting groceries and want to quickly check your account balance, try this handy feature to simplify your shopping trips, without even having to log in.

bcu’s digital banking solutions are here to make things easier and more convenient for you. Our staff are ready to help if you need further assistance, so if you’re interested in making your day-to-day banking more simple, jump on our website, call us on 1300 228 228, or visit your local branch today.

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