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As kids across the country get ready to farewell another school term, parents everywhere are getting ready for a battering to their bank balance, particularly as this year school holidays combine with Easter and Anzac day holidays.

Keeping the kids active during the school break is a must, but multiple trips to water parks, the cinema, and museums can be expensive. If you're after some new ideas to keep your kids entertained these holidays, here's four fun staycation activities that will keep your kids busy and your bank account intact...

Host a no-bake bake off

Whether it's cookies or cake, every child has their favourite sweet treat, so this school holidays why not get your kids involved in cooking and host a no-bake bake off.

No bake recipes are great for kids as they don't have to use an oven, which, in addition to minimising the risk of burnt fingers, also helps you to cut down on your energy bill!

You can take it to the next level and also make the bake off a lesson in money management. Give your child a small budget and let them do the shopping for ingredients by themselves. And once they have completed their cooking creations, help them to work out the cost of each slice, including their labour costs. They might get a shock how much time, money and effort goes into that one little cookie!

If you're in need of some no bake inspiration, Taste.com.au has around 300 no-bake recipes from no-bake lamingtons to cookies and cream slices.

Ditch pastels for a pavement mural

With Easter right around the corner, your kids might be itching to get their latest Easter bunny drawing up on the fridge but rather than limit their creativity to small-scale paper drawings, grab a box full of colourful chalk and head outside to the driveway. If there are other kids in your street, get them to join in on the fun to create a massive Easter mural for everyone to enjoy.

This activity does require some supervision to make sure your child's masterpiece doesn't lead them onto the road. But unlike paint or markers, once you take a picture of their latest creation to share with grandma or their friends, all you'll need is a garden hose to wash the drawings away and they can start again tomorrow.

Turn your home into a theatre

From buying tickets to popcorn and lollies, heading to the cinema can be a major hit to your family budget. But if your kids are movie buffs with a love for the theatre, they don't have to miss out because you can easily bring the cinema to your living room. Make a fort out of pillows and blankets, before popping some popcorn, grabbing some snacks and settling in.

And if you're looking for a way to get them away from the TV screen, give them the task of writing their own script and putting on a play or making their own movie. Not only will this activity get their creative juices flowing, you can even hold an opening night in your living room and invite your family and friends to watch their performance.

Stage a getaway

Even if you are not making a trip these holidays you can still get into the holiday spirit by staging a getaway. One popular idea is to make the nightly meal like a trip around Europe or Asia where each night you cook up a different cuisine.

The backyard campout is also a kids' favourite. It will still be warm enough at Easter time to pitch a tent, round up some pillows, blankets and marshmallows. Plus camping out is also a sneaky way to keep your kids off their tablets for the night since there's no WiFi while out in the ‘woods'. And you can take it one step further by downloading a nature sound app, like Naturespace to really help set the mood.

And the best part about home camping is, you won't have to travel far to make your way back home once you (or the kids) have had enough fun for the night.

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