Tokens & apps

Want some additional protection while using iBank?

Download the free bcu VIP Access app for use on your smartphone or order a bcu security token - they are both easy to use, and operate throughout Australia.

A security token is a small electronic device that generates a one-time code, entered when you log into iBank.

New tokens can be ordered through iBank and there is a small charge (refer to bcu Fees and Charges Schedule for details). For a replacement device, contact bcu.

Activating your security token

  • Log in to iBank as usual. You will be prompted to enter a one-time code.
  • To generate the initial code, press the token’s grey button. If you make a mistake, you need to wait 30 seconds and press the grey button again to generate a new number.

Things to remember about your token

  • You only have to activate your token once.
  • You have 21 days to activate your token after ordering it. If you don't activate your token you won't be able to use iBank.
  • Once you have activated your token, it protects your iBank transactions by not allowing access without a token-generated code.
  • You use each token-generated code once. Every time you use your token, it will generate a new code.
  • Joint signatories to an account can choose to share a token or purchase individual tokens.

Caring for your token

  • Do not tamper with your token.
  • Avoid getting your token wet as it is not waterproof.
  • Under normal use, the battery should last up to five years. It cannot be replaced. When the battery runs out, you will need to order a replacement token.
  • If your token is lost, stolen or damaged, contact bcu on 1300 228 228. We will arrange for your token to be cancelled to enable you to order a new token. In the meantime, you can access iBank as usual. When you receive your new token, you will be prompted to activate it via your iBank login page.
  1. Download the free VIP Access app from the Apple App Store for iPhone and iPad or Google Play for Android based devices or Windows Phone Store for Windows Phone based devices.
  2. Call bcu on 1300 228 228 and we’ll enable the VIP Access service for you
  3. Open the VIP Access app
  4. Log into iBank and you'll be prompted for a security code. Note security code changes every 30 seconds.
  5. Enter the Credential ID and six digit Security Code information as outlined on the page
  6. Click the Sign-on button – you will be presented with iBank login page again
  7. When you login from now on you will subsequently be required to enter a Security Code

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iBank is provided free for bcu members only. Telecommunications costs and internet service provider charges will apply. Access is subject to availability and the server maintenance program. Please see bcu’s Product and Access Facility Terms and Conditions or Fees and Charges Schedule for conditions and fees.