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Student Plus Everyday Access Student Plus Everyday Access

Everyday Access - where it all begins

To start enjoying all the Student Plus benefits, simply open a bcu access. This easy first step sets you up with online banking, an access card — or a Visa debit with PayWave if you’re over 13 — and lets you add other things like sub accounts and savings products as you need them.

To help keep tabs on your cash, make sure you download our latest app bcu Connect, and don’t forget to set up bcu Alerts that let you know when your funds are getting low or, better yet, when your pay has come in.

Plus check

  • $0 monthly fee 1
  • Free sub accounts
  • Visa Debit with payWave (13+)
  • Balance alerts
  • Unlimited bcu ATM access
  • Mobile banking app
  • Pay Anyone
Join online

For over 13s

Free sub accounts - helping you manage your money

Our free sub accounts make managing your money easy. Set up separate accounts under your main bcu access for things like bills, rego, and study costs and you’ll always know where your money’s at. You can set up your own sub accounts in iBank whenever you need.

Plus check

  • No monthly fee
  • Open up to 9 accounts
  • No minimum balance
  • Easy online access
  • Linked to your bcu access

TIP: To open your free sub accounts log on to iBank and select Open Savings from the Accounts menu. Then select S1 – Access Account from the list and you’re on your way.

Do I qualify as a student?

  • customers aged 13-18
  • full-time students 18+ with a current student ID
  • full-time apprentices and trainees

Under 18s may need a parent to help sign up for some of these services, but once that’s done, you’re on your way.

Note: If you’re an 18+ student, you will need to confirm your eligibility each year by providing a copy of your student ID to us via a bcu store or scanned and emailed to bcu.

Already a student customer of bcu? Contact us or pop into a store to make sure we’ve got your current ID on file and you’re receiving all the student benefits.

1. For bcu student customers.
2. Bonus interest is paid when $200 or more in total deposits and no withdrawals are made in any one calendar month.

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