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SMS security codes

SMS security codes

SMS security codes is a convenient two-factor authentication service that gives an additional layer of protection to your bcu internet banking. Once registered for SMS security codes you will be prompted to enter a security code when making payments to new external payees, making batch payments, changing your password and changing your contact details. The security code will be sent by SMS to your nominated mobile at the time you are prompted to enter it.


Registering for SMS security codes is quick and easy, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Login to iBank, using your member number and password.
  2. Select ‘Other’ menu item.
  3. Select ‘Security option’ from the menu options
    Security option
  4. Select ‘Request’ button for SMS security codes.
  5. Select the mobile number that you want SMS security codes to be sent to.
    • If the number you want SMS security codes to be sent to does not appear in the list, please click on the 'Contact details' button and add the mobile number, then click on the ‘Update' button. You will then return to the Request SMS security codes page. Please proceed to step 6.
  6. Once you are happy with the details, click on the 'Request' button.

Your registration is now complete. Please logout and login again to enjoy all the benefits of SMS security codes.

Disabling or changing mobile number

To ensure a high level of protection for your accounts you must call bcu on 1300 228 228 or visit a store if you wish to disable SMS security codes or change the nominated mobile number.