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Smartpay EFTPOS terminal
merchant facilities with a zero cost option

BCU and Smartpay EFTPOS terminal

BCU and Smartpay EFTPOS provides you with features that enable a fast and easy transaction for your customers, while you save on merchant fees.

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Simple, honest pricing

Two simple charging options for you to choose between with no hidden charges.

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Portable and versatile

Accept a range of payment methods, with the simplicity of one device.

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Speedy settlement

Get paid the next business day into your BCU Business Access Account.

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24/7 tech support

Get help when you need it. Smartpay technical experts are available all day, every day.

Take payments your way with charging options to suit both you and your customers.

Option 1: Zero Cost EFTPOS

Keep every dollar from your sale with no merchant fees and automatic surcharge calculation.

  • Unlimited fee-free transactions
  • No admin or guesswork with automatic surcharge calculation
  • Free terminal rental when $10,000 or more is processed each month
  • Ability to absorb surcharges or customise which cards have surcharges applied

Option 2: Simple Flat Rate

Enjoy a flat rate for all Visa and Mastercard transactions, so you can skip the complicated maths.

  • Predict your merchant fees with a fixed rate for Visa, Mastercard, Alipay, WeChat Pay and AMEX
  • EFTPOS transactions charged one flat fee
  • No penalty rates charged for processing more transactions and growing your sales
  • No confusing statements

See important information below for further details.

Register your interest

We will contact you to discuss your merchant needs, best options and the EFTPOS application process should you wish to proceed.

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Plug and play

Loads of options at your fingertips with just one device.

You'll be able to process payments on the move without paying additional telco fees thanks to the in-built 3G SIM, or you can use the terminal as a compact countertop solution with the flexibility to take the payments to your customers. Visa, Mastercard, EFTPOS and even China's popular mobile payment methods Alipay and WeChat Pay are all accepted, and customers are able to make contactless payments with both their cards or smart devices.

There's no lock-in contracts and the $90+GST set up fee is waived on joining and only needs to be paid if you leave before 12 months. To make things even easier, your terminal can be used with the included 3G SIM or can be set up with your Wi-Fi or broadband connection in a few simple steps.

The option to add these features for free:

  • Cash out
    Let customers take cash out of their debit account when making payments.

  • AMEX
    AMEX can be added to your terminal if you have an AMEX merchant ID.

  • Mail Order/Telephone Order (MOTO)
    Process a sale even when the customer's not around.

  • Tipping
    Let customers include a tip with their purchase.

  • Chinese mobile payments
    Accept payments from Alipay and WeChat Pay.

  • Refunds
    Process refunds easily to a customer's card.

Helpful how-to videos

Frequently asked questions

Getting started

We will contact you to arrange an appointment to discuss your merchant needs and charging options. We will assist you in completing your application and submit this to Smartpay. Smartpay will assess your application and provide a response within 2 business days. If they need more information, we will be in contact.

Once approved, your terminal is issued straight away and takes around 5-7 business days to arrive.

Everything you need to get started will be box and set up takes a few minutes.

Switch on the terminal by pressing the X CANCEL button for 3 seconds.

Check the terminal has full battery by looking at the battery icon in the top right corner of the display screen. If you need to charge your terminal, use the power cable suppled in your box or a base station if you have added this to your order.

Your terminal is already connected to the internet via the 3G SIM card.

Check the receipt roll is correctly seated in the printer well. If you need to load a paper roll, ensure the paper is feeding up from underneath the roll and close the lid firmly leaving a tongue of paper sticking out above the cutting blade.

You are now ready to start taking payments!

Charging options

Many of Smartpay’s merchants have found that their customers are accepting of a minimal surcharge. Surcharges are now commonplace in may industries such as hospitality, beauty services, automotive and professional services. Countertop signage is provided in your welcome kit and available on the Smartpay website, and the terminal clearly indicates the surcharge on the screen.

If a customer does not want to pay the surcharge, you can elect to bypass this on the terminal. Smartpay will deduct the surcharge amount from your settlement amount.

If you have Zero Cost EFTPOS enabled, the surcharge amount displays automatically before the customer taps their card or enters their PIN. You can choose to pay the surcharge for your customer on a particular transaction by following these steps:

  1. Key in the purchase amount and press ENTER.
  2. If you want to bypass the surcharge amount for a customer, press ^.
  3. Enter “123456” as the password to bypass.
  4. You will be billed the surcharge amount instead of your customer.

Most banks and EFTPOS providers charge you fees based on the type of card your customer pays with. Rather than paying different rates for different cards, Smartpay can give you certainty by charging a fixed percentage rate for Visa and Mastercard transactions and a fixed fee amount for EFTPOS transactions. This means you’ll always know what you’ll pay each month. AMEX transactions can be processed, however aren’t included in the flat rate.

If at any time you would like to change to a different charging type, contact Smartpay on 1800 433 876 to discuss.


Smartpay will pay funds into your BCU Business Access Account the next business day as one amount. If you process transactions on a Friday, weekend or public holiday, they will arrive on the next business day.

If you have a MOTO option on your account, these are processed by Smartpay’s partner, Merchant Warrior and will settle in two business days. The Merchant Service Fee will be deducted from each transaction.

AliPay and WeChat Pay settlements will occur two business days after the transaction has been made. The trading window is midnight Beijing time (i.e. 2am or 3am AEST). With all payment types, public holidays will delay settlement timeframes.

The daily settlement is where the day’s transaction information is uploaded to Smartpay. Smartpay will then transfer funds to your BCU Business Access Account on the next business day. Once the settlement has occurred, anything processed after this time will be included in the next business day’s settlement. Most terminals are set to an automatic settlement time of between 21:31 and 23:30 AEST. You can request a different settlement time for card payments only by calling Smartpay on 1800 433 876.


Contact Smartpay’s technical help desk on 1800 443 876. Smartpay’s dedicated technical support team are available 24/7, 365 days a year to help keep your business running. Remain with your terminal during the call so Smartpay can work through any issues with you. If you experience a problem with your terminal that can’t be resolved by Smartpay’s technical support team over the phone, a replacement terminal will be couriered to you at no additional cost.

Basic troubleshooting tips are also available on the Smartpay website.

Contact Smartpay’s support line on 1800 433 876 between 9am and 5pm AEST for any enquiries in relation to your account, transactions, billing and settlement.

Place an order online at Order Paper Rolls and accessories. Paper rolls are free, just pay postage and handling costs. To save money, there is the option to turn receipts off and provide your POS receipt to customers.

You can also turn off receipt printing by following the directions on the Smartpay website.

Important information

    Banking products issued by Police & Nurses Limited (BCU) ABN 69 087 651 876 AFSL No. 240701 Australian Credit Licence No. 240701.

    Terms and conditions apply. Approval is provided by Smartpay Australia and is subject to their assessment criteria.

    Zero Cost EFTPOS is available for merchants who process a minimum of $10,000 in card transactions every month. Merchants who do not meet the minimum transaction criteria may be approved for a terminal, however will be charged a terminal rental in the months where they do not process a minimum of $10,000 in card transactions. Transaction fees will be passed on to the merchant’s customers via a surcharge which will be disclosed on the terminal screen before payment. Some payment types are not available for surcharging including Alipay and WeChat Pay.

    MOTO payments are subject to transaction limits and require a separate agreement with Merchant Warrior. Merchant Warrior will assess the application and provide approval. AMEX requires an agreement with AMEX directly. MOTO, AMEX, AliPay and WeChat Pay settlements are processed separately and on different timeframes to Smartpay settlements.