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Online business banking

Reduce your paperwork and operate more efficiently with bcu's fee-free1 online banking solution, bcu Business iBank.

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iBank Manual

Some of the benefits of bcu Business iBank:

  • Ability to view and print electronic statements
  • Allows you to schedule future payments and transfers
  • Access to BPAY functionality, so you can pay your bills online
  • Enhanced security with SMS security codes two-factor authentication
  • Delegation of different access levels to your employees
  • Two-signatory authorisation – transact online from your business account even when more than one signature is required to authorise the payment

1   Only internet charges and/or call charges will apply. Check with your ISP or mobile phone service provider for details. You’ll need a computer, an internet connection and Internet Explorer 5.0 or later and a bcu business access or bcu basic business access product to access bcu Business iBank.