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Police & Nurses Limited (PNL), operating as the P&N Group representing P&N Bank in WA and bcu Bank in NSW/Qld, has announced the appointment of Shaun Hassall to the role of Chief Finance Officer (CFO) effective 12 February 2024 and Chris Malcolm to the newly created role, Chief Data and Products Officer (CDPO) effective 22 January 2024.

P&N Group CEO, Andrew Hadley said the appointment of Hassall & Malcolm would freshen and extend the C-Suite executive capability as the Group begins to close out its current five-year strategy.

“With the pace of change in banking and the continuing consolidation of the customer-owned banking sector, our strategy not only focusses on being relevant but playing a leading role in offering more Australians a genuine banking alternative to the major banks.

“I’m very pleased that Shaun has chosen to take the next step in his customer-owned banking career with us and that Chris has accepted the role of our inaugural Chief Data and Products Officer, a role that we are now geared to embrace as the benefits of our strategic transformation program are coming into play.

In welcoming Shaun to the organisation, Hadley said “As well as their respective skills, Shaun and Chris will each bring new perspectives and experiences to our Executive table, and I very much look forward to their inputs.”

Shaun Hassall - CFO

A qualified accountant, Shaun is a seasoned customer-owned banking Executive, having held CFO, CRO and Chief Financial & Transformation Officer roles during his 14-year tenure (2007 to 2021) with Newcastle Permanent Building Society, now part of the Newcastle Greater Mutual Group.

Shaun has held Executive positions, Chief Services Officer, Chief Corporate Services Officer, and Chief Transformation Officer with CLSL (Corporate Commonwealth Entity, Portable Leave Regulator and Administrator).

Hassall said the opportunity to play a part in realising P&N Group’s vision is a key motivator to join the organisation.

“Customer-owned banking presents a unique and compelling proposition to many Australians, one that deserves to evolve, prosper, and serve a lot more customers. P&N, with its customer centric culture, innovative mindset, transformation track record and its great people, is well positioned to be at forefront of that journey.

“The opportunity to be a part of that is what attracted me back to the customer-owned sector and I am really looking forward to being part of the P&N team.”

Chris Malcolm – CDPO

With over 20 years of leadership in financial services, Chris brings focused experience across Enterprise Data & Analytics, Open Banking, Strategy Development & Execution, Transformation, Operations, Product Development and Mergers and Acquisitions within the customer-owned banking sector, Malcolm brings a significant depth of experience to this new role.

Having joined P&N Group in August 2022 into the newly created role of GM Data & Open Banking, Malcolm has driven forward the execution of the Data & Analytics Strategy via the Modern Data Platform, was instrumental in the launch of the Mymo app for both brands, developed an enterprise strategic approach for Open Banking and brought a more strategic and aligned approach to the digital technology function.

In his new role, Malcolm will work closely with his executive peers to sharpen and align the delivery of compelling products and propositions for current and future customers, as well as using data as a critical enabler of enhanced customer service.

Malcolm said that he is excited to have accepted the role.

”I’m looking forward to working with the Executive Team and Directors to establish this new division and drive forward customer propositions, leveraging data and AI along with continuing the current data transformation along with galvanising the team to solve problems via high performance and customer focused cultural attributes,” he said.