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Home loan refinance calculator

Home loan refinance calculator

Discover how you could potentially shave years off your mortgage and save thousands of dollars in interest by switching to bcu’s OMG Home Loan.

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Frequently asked questions

Using our home loan refinance calculator is easy. See how much you could save on your mortgage repayments in 6 simple steps!

  1. Update the property value to the price your property is currently valued at.
  2. Enter in your loan remaining to reflect how much you owe to your current lender.
  3. Add the number of years remaining on your loan term to the time remaining.
  4. Use the loan type dropdown to select whether your loan is a live in (owner-occupier) or an investment (investment property) loan.
  5. Submit the Show Me button to see how much you could save on your interest repayments by switching to a bcu home loan.

If you make a mistake or want to calculate your potential savings for another home loan account, you can update the values using the sliders at any time. The calculator will automatically work out the new result for you.

When looking to refinance your home loan you can contact a lender, visit us in a branch or call us on 1300 228 228 to speak with a bcu home lending specialist.

You can work out your estimated home loan repayments by using our home loan repayment calculator. View repayment frequency options, interest rates and compare home loan products quickly and easily.

Your monthly home loan repayments will depend on a number of factors such as the amount you wish to borrow, the loan term, the loan structure and the interest rate. Find out what your repayments could be by using our home loan repayment calculator.

Even if your interest rate only goes down a small amount by refinancing your current home loan, it can still be worthwhile depending on your remaining loan amount and the repayment period. Even a small monthly saving can add up, and adding this saving back to your loan as an extra repayment can save you in interest, and reduce the time it takes to pay off your home.

Whether or not it is worth refinancing your mortgage depends on your personal financial circumstances. To help you make the right choice, check out this article on how to review your current home loan and interest rate to see whether or not you should consider refinancing.

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