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The better back-up plan

Plan BCU

Most Aussies are loyal to one of the big four️ banks. We get that. They took your first dollar and gave you your first bank card. But when it comes to getting a home loan or bolstering your savings, are you still getting the leg up you need?

You could ask Dad (or Daddy). But wait – he’s already spent his nest egg on a luxury cruise with his new girl/boyfriend (that you don’t know about yet).

You need a better back-up plan. A customer-owned bank with competitive savings products and award-winning loans.

A Plan B that gets an A Grade – Plan BCU.

Need a loan?

You need a loan. You could wait for Gran to… you know. But you don’t really want her to go! So, you need to get a better back-up plan with a bank that offers competitive rates, personalised service, and great product features on a range of home, car, and personal loans.

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Trying to save?

You shouldn’t have to choose between becoming a stage mum or selling feet pics to supercharge your savings. Make your money work harder and achieve your goals faster with our savings and deposits products.

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Discover the BCU difference

We're not like other banks

As a customer-first bank, we sit right alongside you, helping you navigate life’s financial journey. For over 50 years, we’ve existed to help our customers achieve their financial goals at all stages of life.

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We make managing money easier

With local financial partners, competitive rates, financial wellbeing content, and digital tools, our customers feel confident knowing BCU is by their side.

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