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Wave and go with bcu Visa payWave

bcu’s Visa payWave1 is the fast, convenient way to pay for your small purchases2. Whether it’s grabbing your morning coffee on the run or picking up the pizza on your way to your friend’s place to watch the footy.

bcu’s Visa payWave is contactless technology making everyday purchases easy.

Features & Benefits

  • Fast & convenient - no PIN or signature required for purchases under $1002
  • No contact - just wave and go
  • A purchase only takes seconds
  • It’s safe - protected by Visa's Zero Liability Policy
  • It’s secure - same protection as bcu’s regular debit and credit cards


‘Contactless’ technology is the latest evolution in Visa payments. It removes the need to have physical contact between your card and a POS – Point of Sale terminal. The existing method requires your card to be either inserted or swiped. Visa payWave does away with this.

New Visa payWave cards have a tiny embedded antenna which securely transmits payment instructions wirelessly with the payWave terminal. Cards need to be waved within 4cm of the payWave terminal to be successful.

  • It’s faster, easier and safe
  • You don’t need to enter a PIN or signature for purchases under $100.
  • It’s secure. You have possession of your card during the whole transaction. Just wave your card within 4cm of the payWave terminal.
  • Fast transaction times means shorter queue times

Your bcu Visa card can still be used for online payments or over the phone and has all the same features of you bcu credit or debit card.

No problem, if your purchases are above $100, you can still use your bcu Visa payWave card. You’ll just need to enter your PIN or signature.

Yes you can, wherever Visa cards are accepted. Just use your PIN.

  • Step 1 - Look for the contactless symbol.

  • Step 2 - You will see your purchase amount on the payWave terminal.
  • Step 3 - When you see the first green light flash, hold your card over the reader (about 4cm).
  • Step 4 - Four green lights will appear when the purchase is successful. It should finish within a second.
  • Yes, bcu’s Visa payWave cards are just as secure as traditional chip cards and meet all the same standards for security.
  • Security is one of Visa’s highest priorities and Visa payWave cards are no exception.
  • Card fraud in Australia remains at low levels and there has been no increase in the rate of fraud as a result of the introduction of contactless payments technology.

Visa payWave enabled cards have multiple layers of security. These layers of security include:

  • EMV chip technology which is an international standard that provides the most security for electronic payments today
  • Visa’s Zero Liability Policy which ensures cardholders are not held liable for fraudulent or unauthorised transactions.
  • Fraud detection which identifies suspicious transactions in real time
  • Low transaction limits of up to $100 (or over $100 with a PIN or signature)
  • Short read range and unique encryption which means even if your card is stolen it can not be counterfeited or replicated in the same way
  • Safeguarding personal information because only minimal account and personal information is stored on a Visa payWave card, which is similar to traditional Visa cards.