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Update to our fees & charges

Fees & Charges Update

We have made some changes to our fees and charges for savings and transaction accounts. These changes are effective 28 February 2023.

We’ve reduced some fees

Fee name

Previous fee amount

New fee amount

Visa Chargeback Request Fee



Statement Retrieval Fee

$6 per page

1st page $6. Each subsequent page $1.50. Now only charged for statements more than 12 months old.

We’ve removed some fees

Fee name

Fee amount

Product Information Request

$50.00 per hour

Safe Custody Access Fee

$10.00 per occasion

Visa Voucher Retrieval Fee


Company Search Fee


We’ve also updated the names and descriptions of some fees

Please note, there is no change to when the fee is charged or the amount of the fee charged. The updated fee name will appear on any statements provided to you from 28 February 2023.

Previous fee name

Updated fee name


Transfer Dishonour Fee

Auto Transfer Dishonour Fee

Charged where there are insufficient funds in your account when an external auto transfer payment is due to be made.

Swift and RTGS Inward payments

RTGS From Another Bank

No change

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