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'Tis the season for online shopping scams

Scammers often try to take advantage of people shopping online so we encourage members to read the Scamwatch alert relating to Online shopping and other scams.

Scamwatch is run by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) and provides information to consumers and small businesses about how to recognise, avoid and report scams.

In particular you should watch out for these common scams:

  • Fake websites/stores: scammers will set up fake online stores, on websites or social media, which can look like genuine online retailers. Many of these offer luxury items at very low prices but you may receive a fake item or nothing at all.
  • Fake sellers: scammers may pose as genuine sellers on classifieds websites. The scammer may claim they are travelling and an agent will deliver the goods once you have paid, but you won’t receive the goods and will be unable to contact the seller.

We would also like to remind everyone to remain vigilant when it comes to card security. If you notice any suspicious activity on your account, you should call us immediately on 1300 228 228

General advice:

  • Keep your PIN safe. Don't share it with anyone and ensure you cover your PIN when transacting at an EFTPOS terminal or ATM.
  • Don't leave your purse or wallet unzipped or unattended (eg. in a trolley while shopping).
  • Report lost or stolen cards or suspected fraud as soon as you can.
  • Only buy from trusted websites.
  • Don’t provide your card number over the phone unless you initiated the contact

You can learn some more tips on how to avoid being scammed on the Scamwatch website, or you can call our Contact Centre on 1300 228 228 for more information.