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BCU Bank joins forces with Australia Zoo and Wildlife Warriors to champion koala conservation

BCU Bank is proudly sponsoring the Koala Nursery at Australia Zoo and the Koala Ward at the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital. The wildlife rehabilitation facility is a conservation project funded by Wildlife Warriors, which treats up to 800 koalas every year for lifesaving treatment and care, at no cost to the public.

The Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital is currently in its busiest time of the year, known as Trauma Season. From September to February each year, there is increased movement in wildlife as temperatures rise, leaving them extremely vulnerable in the wild.

Wildlife conservationist Terri Irwin said BCU’s support would help provide critical care during Trauma season and beyond.

“We would like to thank BCU Bank for their wonderful support towards the Koala Nursery that is home to our gorgeous resident koalas at Australia Zoo, and the Koala Ward at the Wildlife Hospital which looks after patients in need of medical help,” Terri said.

“This Trauma Season, we’re treating countless sick, injured, and orphaned animals including koalas who are in desperate need of our help.”

Photo of Bluebell the koala in a bottlebrush tree at Australia Zoo

One of the many koalas to recently receive lifesaving treatment is Bluebell, a sweet koala who arrived with her joey Bottlebrush at the Wildlife Hospital after they were hit by a car.

Bluebell suffered multiple broken bones including a compound fracture and received emergency surgery to repair the fractures and is recovering in the Koala ICU with Bottlebrush.

Sadly, Bluebell is one of many koalas currently being treated at the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital, and with koalas listed as an endangered species, every effort made to protect their population is critical for the survival of the species.

BCU Bank General Manager Mark Smyth said the sponsorships reflects the bank’s commitment to environmental conservation.

“As a customer-owned bank, BCU Bank exists to support our members and our communities, including a focus on conservation of our environment and native species,” Mark said.

“We’re privileged to live and work within the koala’s natural habitat on Australia’s east coast, so many of our members have seen first-hand the devastation that natural disasters and road trauma can cause.

“By supporting the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital Koala Ward and the Australia Zoo Koala Nursery, BCU Bank is actively involved in the protection of one of Australia’s most iconic species and ensuring its survival for generations to come."

Photo of Maxie the baby koala and her mum, Gemma, cuddling and sitting in a tree

As part of this sponsorship, BCU Bank received the opportunity to name one of Australia Zoo’s adorable koala joeys, ‘Maxie.’

Mark said the winning name had a significant meaning to BCU Bank members.

“Heritage and community are important to BCU members, and the name ‘Maxie’ is a nod to the location of BCU’s very first branch in Macksville, NSW,” he said.

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