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BCU Bank partners with atmx to bring you more ATMs, fee free

BCU Bank has partnered with atmx by Armaguard to offer members access to an Australian-wide network of ATMs – with no fees.

While we already offer BCU cardholders fee-free access to BCU Bank and major bank ATMs, the addition of the atmx network will mean BCU members can access more ATMs in hundreds of convenient locations across Australia.

The atmx machines are easy to spot, thanks to their striking black and white branding.

With more ATMs available to our members through the atmx network, we will be removing some of our existing offsite ATMs. There will be no changes to our branch ATMs. 

To locate your nearest ATM, use the interactive ATM locator. This includes all ATMs in the BCU network, including atmx locations.

The below FAQs have been developed to answer your questions about our partnership with atmx and any impact on our current network of ATMs.


What transactions are free on the atmx network?

All cash withdrawals and balance enquiries are free for BCU Bank cardholders using the atmx network, Australia-wide.

How do I spot an atmx machine?

atmx machines are black with prominent white atmx logos at the top and sides of the machines. They are most likely to be spotted in high-traffic areas such as shopping centres, service stations, and airports.

How do I find my closest atmx machine?

To locate an atmx machine near you, use the interactive ATM locator.

What is happening with BCU ATMs?

Our branch ATMs will remain open. However, we will be removing some of our existing offsite ATM sites over the coming months.

The review into our ATM network showed many of our offsite ATMs are not highly used, with almost half of our offsite locations averaging less than 200 transactions per month.