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BCU iBank for business banking

BCU iBank for Business

With BCU iBank's fantastic look and feel, there's also a range of features to make your internet banking easier. With BCU iBank accessible on all eligible devices – desktop, tablet and smart phones – you can access all the features of online banking any time of day or night.


One simple login to see all of your banking profiles - both personal and business.

Personalise your accounts

Help manage your banking with account nicknames and reordering.


Payment approvals

Make payments on multi to sign accounts with payment approvals.

Batch payments

Send a group of payments simultaneously with manual or file upload.

BCU iBank allows you to manage your finances from home, work or when you’re on the move

Everyday banking

  • Transfer money between your accounts or to any bank in Australia
  • Pay using Osko or to a Pay ID for funds to be received within minutes
  • Create, modify or cancel scheduled and recurring payments
  • Pay bills online using BPAY
  • Check your account balances and recent transaction history

All your banking in one place

  • Activate, lock, cancel or replace your card using card controls
  • View your important card details
  • Request transaction limit changes
  • Transfer money overseas
  • Transact on two to sign accounts with Payment Approvals
  • Send bulk payments though Batch Payments

Other helpful services

  • Create a PayID using your mobile number or email, to receive payments faster
  • Change or reset your BCU iBank password
  • Set up alerts for credits, direct debits and due payments
  • Personalise your accounts by giving them nicknames
  • Update your contact details

Safe & secure online banking

BCU iBank uses security codes which are a convenient authentication service that give an additional layer of protection for your online banking through BCU iBank. Once registered you’ll be asked to enter a code when making certain payments e.g. payments to a new external payee, making a batch payment, changing your password and changing your contact details. Security codes can be delivered to you using 2FA SMS or via the VIP Access App or token.

Helpful how-to videos

We recommend members keep their web browser up to date to ensure the best possible experience using BCU iBank. Learn more about our system requirements.

Frequently asked questions

Get started

To register the VIP Access App or a Physical token to generate Secure codes for BCU iBank, you must first be registered for Secure SMS, and then you can register a Security Token. You can download the VIP Access App from the App Store for iOS or Google Play for Android.

Once you’ve downloaded the VIP Access App, you can register your token in BCU iBank by going to Services > Register Token

Once registered your App/Token will be your primary method of generating Secure codes until you deregister the service. 

To register for Secure SMS codes, when you log into BCU iBank go to Services > Register Secure SMS.  

You will need to have a valid mobile phone number on record with BCU.

You will also be prompted to register for Secure SMS if you are attempting a transaction which requires the additional level of authentication.  

If you know your existing password you can change it using BCU iBank by going to Settings > Change Password.

If you have forgotten your BCU iBank password, you can reset from the BCU iBank login page > Reset Your Password. 

If you require any assistance please call 1300 228 228 or visit your local store and one of our friendly team will also be happy to assist.



To register to use BCU iBank our internet banking service, please call 1300 228 228 or visit your local store and one of our friendly team will be happy to assist.

For business and non personal accounts any person requiring access to BCU iBank will need to become a BCU member. 


Business banking

The time it takes for the funds to appear in the recipient's account depends on their bank, but they will typically arrive within 1 - 2 business days.

If you have a personal bank account and are also a signatory for a business, club or trust account with BCU, you can use the Manage Payees function in BCU iBank to assign payees to each of your profiles.

On the Manage Payees screen select the profile you wish to update, and then select the payment type the payee belongs to. From here you will be able to select or deselect payees to associate with the profile you have selected.

Any payees that are not assigned to a specific profile only will continue appear in all your banking profiles.

If you wish to delete a Payee you can do this in the Payment screens.

Batch Payments are helpful for business banking by allowing you to process multiple payments within the one transaction, perfect for wages, creditors or super contributions.

To help you navigate the Batch Payments feature within BCU iBank to create and process both manual batches and Cemtex file upload batches, please refer to the Batch Payments User Guide on our website and within BCU iBank. To request access to Batch Payments within BCU iBank, or to request a new authorised user be added to your business account, please contact us on 1300 228 228 or visit us in store.

Profiles in BCU iBank make it easier to manage your money by clearly separating your personal banking accounts from those connected to your business, club or trust.

With profiles, you’ll be presented with a screen when you login to choose whether you want to see your personal accounts or view those business accounts that you have signatory access to. 

You will also be able to manage your payee list per profile under Transfer/Pay > Manage Payees.

Make payments

You can transfer money to another BCU membership in BCU iBank or the BCU Bank app.

BCU Bank app

From the main menu go to Pay > Pay Someone. Select or search for an existing payee or select New Payee.

BCU iBank
Go to Transfer/Pay > Pay Someone. Select or search for an existing payee or select Someone new > New Payee > Account.

You will need to enter the BCU BSB 533-000,  the recipients account name and account number. Funds sent to another BCU membership should be received within minutes.





You can send money to an external account at any financial institution within Australia.

BCU Bank app

From the main menu go to Pay > Pay Someone. Select or search for an existing payee or select New Payee.

BCU iBank
Go to Transfer/Pay > Pay Someone. Select or search for an existing payee or select Someone new > New Payee > Account.

Enter the account name, BSB and account number of the recipient, and follow the screen prompts. 
If the recipient bank is part of the NPP network the funds will sent via Osko and be received within minutes. Otherwise the payment will be sent via direct entry and will be received within 24 to 48 hours.



Registering a PayID is easy. You can register a PayID on a mobile phone number or email address through the BCU Bank app or in BCU iBank

BCU Bank app
Go to Pay > Manage PayID and follow the prompts.

BCU iBank
Go to Accounts > Manage PayIDs and follow the prompts

You will need to nominate a mobile phone number or email address that you want to link your account to. You will receive a confirmation SMS or email to complete your registration.

If you want to register an ABN as a PayID, please contact us on 1300 228 228 or visit us in store.

You can make a payment to the PayID of an intended recipient in BCU iBank or BCU Bank app.

 A PayID can be a phone number, email address or ABN that the recipient has registered on their account.

BCU Bank app
Log in to the BCU Bank app and go to Pay > Pay someone > New payee > PayID and follow the prompts 

BCU iBank
Log in to BCU iBank and go to Transfer/Pay > Pay Someone > Someone new > To PayID and follow the prompts.

PayID payments are paid via Osko, meaning they will arrive faster.

You can transfer money to an overseas account via Western Union using either the BCU Bank app or BCU iBank.

Firstly, you'll need to register your account for International transfers. To do this, please call us on 1300 228 228, or message us via Secure Mail.

Once your account is registered, you will need the following information to make the transfer; 

  • Transfer amount and required currency 
  • Purpose of payment
  • Beneficiary details including name and full street address
  • Bank sort code/SWIFT address/chips/routing number
  • Beneficiary account number
  • IBAN (this is mandatory for transfers sent to the United Kingdom or European Union)
  • Bank name
  • Full bank address (full street address is mandatory)
  • Special instructions (if any)

Money sent by electronic transfer may take up to four working days to arrive at the overseas destination (excluding time differences). The exchange rate is calculated at the time of processing. International transfers can also be arranged at your local store.

Keep up to date

You can personalise the names of your accounts to appear in Internet Banking and the Mobile App. This feature can be helpful for budgeting and keeping track of your finances, especially when you have a lot of accounts.

BCU iBank:
Login to BCU iBank and go to Settings > Account preferences > Select the account you want to customise and enter the preferred nickname.

BCU Bank app:
Login to the BCU Bank app and go to Menu > Accounts > Select the account you want to customise > Select the ‘…’ icon at the top right of the screen > Rename account.

To revert a customised account name simply delete the set preferred account name and it will default back to the original product name.


You can easily find out how much interest you have paid or earned in our BCU Bank app or BCU iBank. The amount of interest for the previous and current financial year will be displayed as well as any tax withheld. 

BCU Bank app:
Login to the BCU Bank app and go to Menu > Accounts > Interest.

You can also find the interest on individual accounts by selecting the account you want the information for on the Accounts screen and selecting the ‘i’ info icon.

BCU iBank:
Login to Internet Banking and go to Accounts > Interest details.

You can set up email notifications (also known as Receipts) for transactions made through the BCU Bank app or BCU IBank

You will need to do this in BCU iBank by going to Settings > Receipts. Select the transactions you want to receive confirmation of via an email, and save your changes. 

Remember to check your email address is correct under Settings > Contact details.



You can update your contact details, including your email address, Australian residential or postal address, in BCU iBank or the BCU Bank app.

BCU Bank app
Select My Details > Update address details and follow the prompts.

BCU iBank
Go to Settings >Contact Details or Address details and follow the prompts.

To change your mobile phone number or an overseas address you will need to visit us in store or call 1300 228 228,  

You can set up BCU Alerts in iBank or the BCU Bank app for your nominated accounts, balances and transactions.

BCU Bank app
Once logged in, go to Settings > Alerts and choose the method  to receive your alerts - SMS. email or push notifications.

Once your settings are saved you can use the toggles to define which alerts you would like to receive.

BCU iBank
Once logged in, go to Services > Alerts > Alert settings to select alert method and scheduling.

Once saved go to Create Alert where you can set up alerts on your accounts, card or membership.

Alerts are free of charge. 

You can register for eStatements via either BCU iBank or the BCU Bank app.

BCU Bank app
Once logged in go to Accounts > Manage eStatements. Select the option to register for eStatements and review and accept the terms and conditions.

BCU iBank
Once logged in go to Services > Manage eStatements. Select the option Register for eStatements and review and accept the terms and conditions. 

You can request to increase your online transfer limit increased in either BCU iBank or via the BCU Bank app.

Once logged in, go to Settings > Transaction Limits and request your new limit.

Your request for a limit increase will be processed within four business hours. You'll receive a notification when your limit has been updated.

Please be aware that limit increases are permanent, however you can reduce it anytime following the steps above. Limit decreases are processed immediately.