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We are pleased to offer SMS security codes as a convenient alternative to Security Tokens for two-factor authentication.

A: Most people have their mobile phone handy at all times, rather than a token that can be lost, become faulty or not be readily available if you are out & about and need to transfer funds. SMS security codes give you the mobility most people are looking for in their busy lives.

A: Please follow the simple steps below to complete registration for SMS security codes:

  1. Log into iBank, using your member number and password
  2. Select ‘Other’ menu item
  3. Select ‘Security option’ from the menu options

    Security option
  4. Select ‘Request’ button for SMS security code delivery
  5. Select the mobile phone number that you want the SMS security number to be sent to.
    • If the number you want the SMS to be sent to does not appear in the list, please click on the ‘Contact details’ button and add the mobile number, then click on the ‘Update button. You will then return to the ‘Request SMS security code delivery page. Please proceed to the next step listed below to complete registration.
  6. Once you are happy with the details, click on the ‘Request’ button

Your registration is now complete. Please logout and login again to enjoy all the benefits of the SMS security codes

A: You will still have a high level of second level security with the SMS security codes, but if you want to add an extra level of security you can consider using the two-to-sign functionality in our banking system that will ensure you sign off on all transactions generated by the other users who have authority to operate on your account.

A: The only way to change your mobile number once you have set it up to receive your SMS security codes is to visit in-store or call us on 1300 228 228, once the bcu staff member has successfully identified you they will disable SMS security codes. Once the mobile number has been updated, you will need to re-register for SMS security codes in iBank. This process ensures a high level of protection for your accounts.

We have also upgraded our security code technology and you will now only be asked to use the security code the first time you initiate an external transfer, create a new personal payee or if you change your password or contact details. If you are completing any other transaction in internet and mobile banking you will not be required to enter a security code.

A: bcu has reviewed it’s security code system, to improve security while also reducing the inconvenience for our members in having to enter a security code when completing activities such as checking account balances.

A: You will now only be asked for the security code for the following activities:

  • When you create or modify an external transfer personal payee
  • When you create or modify a BPAY personal payee
  • When you process an external transfer to a new payee
  • When you process a BPAY to a new payee
  • When you schedule an external transfer batch
  • When you schedule a BPAY batch
  • When you change your iBank password
  • When you change your contact details

A: You will not need to enter a security code for the following activities:

  • When you check your account balances
  • When you process internal transfers
  • When you process a transfer (internal or external) to an established personal payee
  • When you process a BPAY to an established personal payee

bcu Connect overview video

bcu Connect overview video

iPhone and iPad

Android devices

Download bcu Connect

Available on the App Store
Get it on Google Play

The bcu Connect app offers the following features that will make your mobile banking more flexible and convenient:

  • Quick balance, double tap the View accounts on the home screen to easily view the balance of your preferred account. You are also able to nominate to view the available or current balance
  • PIN or pattern to log in, you will only use your iBank user id and password to register. At that point you will select a PIN or Pattern (whichever you prefer) to use when you login
  • Set and track your savings goal, if you have a goal you are saving towards, whether it be a deposit for a house, a new car or a holiday, you can add it in the app, link it to your savings account and track your progress to reaching your goal
  • Easy access to transfer money and pay bills, you can now initiate a transfer or payment from the home screen or within the app and your payment can be completed in just four clicks
  • Full product and rates information on the home pages and an extensive collection of calculators to help you make the right financial decisions
  • Find the nearest ATM or store, the locator feature will quickly show you where the nearest bcu stores & ATMs and partner ATMs are located


A: To load our app onto your iPhone (4S or above) you will first need to delete the existing bcu Connect app. You can then go into the Apple App store, search for bcu Connect and download the latest version of bcu Connect.

A: If you have the current mobile banking app, the latest version will automatically load onto your phone and replace our old mobile banking app. If you do not have the app, visit Google Play, search for bcu Connect and download the latest version.

A: The mobile banking app is very easy to use, but if you want to ensure you are making the most out of the bcu Connect features, please watch the short overview video above.

A: Unfortunately you are not able to use the bcu Connect app and the VIP Access app. As a result, you will need to convert to SMS security codes. If you want to use the bcu Connect app for creating or updating and paying new payees or billers, updating your contact details and scheduling batch payments you will need to convert to SMS security codes or use iBank to complete these activities.

A: The iPhone version of the app does not have a logout button. You will be automatically logged out of the app when you close it or after a short period of inactivity.

We are here to help.

If you cannot find the information you need here, please ask for assistance at your local bcu store, or by calling our customer service team on 1300 228 228