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Apply for Home Loan relief

If you have been affected by the current COVID19 situation, and you are unable to repay your home loan as a result, we are here to help.

Home Loan Repayment Pause

  • All eligible members can apply for a repayment pause on their home loan for up to 6 months (subject to review at 3 months). This applies to both owner-occupied and investment loans for principal & interest or interest only repayment terms.
  • Interest will be capitalised during the payment pause. After the payment pause, scheduled payments will be recalculated which means minimum monthly repayments will need to be increased to repay the loan within the original repayment term.

Interest-only repayment switch:

  • All eligible members can apply to switch their principal and interest home loan to an interest-only home loan for up to 6 months (subject to a review at 3 months).
  • Interest will be capitalised to your loan on the first day of every month and will be required to be paid in full no later than the day it is capitalised;

Please complete the form below if your require repayment assistance with your home loan or investment loan.


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