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Bill Ussher Scholarship

"Congratulations on winning a share in $20,000 with bcu"

Congratulations to all entrants to the 2018 Bill Ussher Scholarship

We are proud to announce the winners for this year!

A Morgan – Has a strong passion for the Justice System and would love to graduate into the forensics field.

R Light – Dreams of becoming a virtuoso Violinist with strong aspirations of attending one of the most well renowned music academy’s in Australia.

A Perkins – Aims to complete a PhD and continue an academic career at university, researching and teaching biogeochemistry aiming to become an ambassador to fungal role on carbon.

J Ashley – Aims to improve the lives and infrastructure of developing countries by building water and wastewater treatment facilities.

E Mcallistar – Desires to graduate in Avionics and holds great determination to eventually study space-engineering to one day help design in the Space or Aerospace industry.

S Graham-Higgs – Is passionate about helping disadvantaged individuals whilst bridging the gap of inequality within society.

A Va Dorp – has a strong passion for empowering young women to achieve their health and fitness goals and wishes to enhance the lives of women by showing them that they are worthy and have a purpose.

L Austin – envisions educating people on the detrimental issues on the marine environment especially the Great Barrier Reef, volunteering and undertaking underwater research and monitoring to preserve marine life.

T Austin – Having published a 60 page book on the local community, T Austin wishes to undertake a graphic design course and would love to pursue this interest as a career.

T Simon – Aims to inspire younger generations whom are growing up in lower socio-economic environments to better themselves and their life attitudes. Ultimately aiming to make a change to negative cycles.

Congratulations to our 10 Winners for this year's 2018 Bill Ussher Scholarship, we hope that this scholarship allows you all to advance in your chosen fields and passions

  • Available to Student members of bcu
  • Australian residents aged 13+
  • Studying full-time at high school, TAFE or university.
  • Must hold a current Student ID card or if apprentice or trainee confirmation through letter of employment.
  • Schools can win too!
  • Schools are automatically entered every time a student selects their school in their scholarship application.
    • First Prize - $2000
    • Second Prize - $1000
    • Third Prize - $500
  • You must be an Australian school and have students aged 13 years and above.
  • Sign up as bcu Student Plus member
  • Fill out the application form including:
    • Your current study details
    • Provide a reference
    • Complete the Bill Ussher Scholarship questions