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Local surf legend and bcu Ambassador, Harley Ingleby, was born and bred in the Coffs Harbour region and in his words, “couldn't imagine living anywhere else”.

Harley has dominated Australian Longboarding for years with two World Longboard Titles already under his belt and is off to the Longboard Championships in Taiwan this year to try for a third world title.

Harley shared his tip 5 surfing tips below

1. Have FUN.

The first and most important priority is to have FUN! Enjoy your time in the water and don't take your surfing too seriously.  

2. Time in the water.

The single hardest thing to teach a new surfer is timing and how to read the ocean. Good or great surfers are not necessarily the most athletic or co-ordinated, but the ones that seem to know what a wave is going to do before it does it. The sooner you’re able to read where the wave is going to break, the sooner you can position yourself. More waves means faster learning! There’s no hand book for this nor would it work if there was one. It's time in the water with or without a board and experiencing it. I've surfed pretty well non-stop for 30 years and I still learn or re learn little lessons in the ocean regularly. 

3. Paddle out in the right headspace.

For your competitive best friend this might be to land the biggest air, for your little sister it could be to surf the biggest wave and for you it may be just sit on a peak down the beach by yourself in the peace and quiet. To me on different days it's any or all of these. Know what headspace works for you and get it right before you paddle out.

4. Know your local.

Most surfers are creatures of habit and surf the same beach regularly. If you know your local area you could get a lot more enjoyment more often. If you live on the Coffs Coast for example there's a lot of beaches with varying amounts of swell or wind protection on different days. Your perfect wave might be a few beaches over and a moving target every day

5. Stay Chilled

Surfing and frustration don’t go together well. If you prefer to partake in an outdoor activity to vent anger and frustration pick up some golf clubs ;) 

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