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Travel Pack

Stay safe and in control

Holidays are time to unwind and relax or enjoy the adventure of a lifetime and not worry about money.

As part of your bcu Travel Pack you will be able to set up your own personal security alerts prior to travelling. This will allow you to keep track of your funds from Balances Alerts to VISA Credit and Debit Cards transactions.

These alerts can easily be set up via your iBank and you can be notified via SMS or Email. By checking your bcu Alerts at the end of each day allows you to stay safe by ensuring there are no unauthorised transactions and stay in control of your holiday budget.

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Travel Insurance

  • Comprehensive cover
  • Tailor your insurance to suit your needs & budget
  • Swift & reliable service
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Foreign Exchange

  • Foreign currency available from over 60 countries
  • Competitive rates direct from Travelex
  • Save time order your currency online
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  • Pack a bcu back up VISA Credit & Debit card - accepted globally
  • 24hr access to your funds via iBank
  • Competitive conversion rates/low fees